IBM DataWorks is Going into General Availability

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On December 12, 2014 we will be updating the IBM DataWorks Beta Service. This update will refresh the Beta service to the Go Live (GA) version of the software and will include usability enhancements, improved documentation, additional source/target combinations including access to on premise data via a secure connector to Oracle, data masking, and a number of fixes that were identified during the Beta.

As part of this update, we will be shutting down the present Beta service, removing it, and then starting up the new version of IBM DataWorks. As a result, any applications that were created with the current IBM DataWorks Beta will no longer work. You must update/rework your applications to use the new release.

Should you have questions regarding the changeover from Beta to GA, please post questions to the same mailing lists that you used for questions during Beta.

To move to this new version of IBM DataWorks, you need to update your current applications.

Things that are changing in this update:

  1. All services created with the Beta version of IBM DataWorks are being removed.
  2. New URLs for the IBM DataWorks service capabilities.
  3. Changes to the JSON object to create an activity.
  4. Changes to the input and output document schemas.

Changes required to user applications to work with this new release:

  1. You should delete your services prior to December 12, 2014 in preparation for the service refresh. Any services not deleted prior to the cutoff will be deleted automatically during the refresh.
  2. Recreate your services. Refer to the Getting Started documentation for details. (Please refer to Note 1 below)
  3. Update your code to call the Data Load, Data Profiling, and Address Cleansing capabilities using the new URLs.
  4. The doc URLs are (note: these links will be updated on 12/12):

  5. The JSON object passed in to create an activity changed along with changes to the input and output document schemas. The IBM DataWorks documentation will have the information about the new schema. The latest documentation for the API can be found at:
    (Please refer to Note 1 below)
  6. Rebind/redeploy your updated service code which should use the new URLs for the service capabilities.
  7. Run your updated service.

NOTE 1: If you are using the information from the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable, which contains the base URL, user, and password to access the IS server, all you should have to do is rebind your application for your app to use this information.

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