Bluemix Updates: Warm Up With Winter Gifts!

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Bluemix Updates: December Twitter Thumbnail

Bluemix Updates: Catalog Filtering

Bluemix Updates: Wintry Bluemix

Winter is ramping up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we wanted to give you some year-end Bluemix updates to help you warm up by the fire. So, we’re following the introduction of Bluemix London in November with some cool new features:

  • Translation of the Bluemix UI into 8 languages
  • Addition of starter apps for three new runtimes to the Catalog
  • Ability to easily restrict access to an app so only members of your organization can run it
  • Improved getting started info for apps
  • Increased limits for associating SSL certificates with your custom domains
  • Documentation updates including quick reference card, better integration of app context, improved search, and globalization support
  • Miscellaneous usability enhancements and bug fixes

Keep reading for more details!

Globalization and Translation

This release is our first offering translations. We’ve started with the following 8 languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish

If your browser language settings match one of the 8 languages, you will start seeing a translated version of the Bluemix UI immediately.

Bluemix Updates: Landing Page in Chinese

The interface for setting your preferred language varies by browser, but generally there is a section called “Languages” somewhere in the browser preferences. For example, in the screenshot below, I’ve found Languages within Firefox and clicked on the Choose… button. On the resulting dialog, I can add my languages of choice in the order of my preference.

Bluemix Updates: Firefox Language Settings

New Runtimes

We’ve introduced starter apps for three new community-supported runtimes in the Bluemix Catalog: Python, Go, and PHP. These add to the already supported Liberty For Java, SDK for Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Ruby Sinatra. With all of these (plus the flexibility to bring your own runtime via buildpacks), we’re doing our best to help you develop the way you want with the languages and runtimes you’re familiar with.

Bluemix Updates: New Runtimes

Easy App Authentication

Working on a hot new app that you’re not quite ready to make accessible to the public? We’ve got you covered with new functionality that allows you to turn on app authentication without changing any code. In App Details, click the “pencil” icon next to your app’s route(s) to launch the Edit Routes and App Access dialog. Then, select ON in the Enable app authentication select box and click Save. Now, if someone accesses your app’s route (or URL), they’ll be denied access if not a member of your organization. Pretty cool!

Bluemix Updates: Enabling App Authentication

Better Getting Started Info for Apps

Once you’ve created an app from the Catalog, the next thing you’ll probably want to do is modify the code. We’ve made this easier by introducing a Start Coding link in the left hand navigation tree in App Details. Clicking this link will provide contents on the right side that is customized based on the kind of app you’ve created. For example, in the screenshot below, I’ve created a Node.js app and Start Coding shows me information for getting started with Eclipse Tools for Bluemix, CF Command Line Interface (selected), and Git with IBM Dev Ops.

Bluemix Updates: Start Coding

Increased SSL Cert Upload Limits

A few months ago, we added the ability to associate your own SSL certificates with custom domains. This month, we’ve increased the number of certificates you can upload per organization as follows:

  • Pay-as-you and subscription users — 4
  • Trial users — 1


There are a lot of cool, new documentation features this month so you can more quickly and easily find the information you need to build your apps:

  • Our new command line reference card includes the most commonly used Cloud Foundry commands for Bluemix. You can download or print the reference card for easy access.
    Bluemix Updates: Start Coding
  • When you are logged in to the docs site, you can now use the app context switcher to switch between the apps that you have created in Bluemix. This allows you to see code examples that reflect the values for your apps. We hope that this makes it easy for you to copy and paste into your development environment, so you can more quickly code your apps.
    Bluemix Updates: Docs App SwitcherBluemix Updates: Docs App Switcher Example
  • We’ve improved your search experience by adding a keyword highlight feature. Now when you search for a word or phrase, the search results will show the portion of the documentation that includes your search query values. In addition, if you select a search result, the word or phrase is highlighted on the page.
    Bluemix Updates: Search Result HighlightBluemix Updates: Search Page Highlight
  • We’re working on making national language translations available. Please bear with us if we are behind on getting the content updated in your language. If the English is more up to date, you’ll see a notification in your national language version.
    Bluemix Updates: Language Notification

What’s Next?

We hope you’ll try out and enjoy these new features as the snow comes down this winter. Your feedback is very important. If you have questions or other comments, please let us know on the Bluemix Dev-to-Dev Community or tweet us at @IBMBluemix.

And, remember, if you don’t already have an account, you can simply go to and get free instant access to a 30-day trial without a credit card!


Thanks to Jenifer Schlotfeldt for providing info and screenshots for the section on documentation updates!

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