Bernhardt Furniture Launches a Virtual Showroom App on Bluemix with IBM jStart

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Bernhardt Furniture has been a leader in the industry for the past 125 years, but most recently the company has ventured to something new – technology. With the help of Bluemix and the IBM jStart team, Bernhardt has launched the “Virtual Showroom App” allowing the company to transform and improve sales productivity. The Virtual Showroom App features a tablet-oriented ordering process with fully touch-enabled virtual showrooms setting Bernhardt apart as an innovative, tech-leading company in the furniture realm.

Two times a year, the family-owned furniture company travels to Highpoint, NC for, as Heather Eidenmiller, Director of Brand Development at Bernhardt, puts it, “the fashion week of furniture.” This show is for new furniture introductions and in the past, Bernhardt has relied on paper-based orders, making the ordering process more complicated and cumbersome than it needed to be.

Lacey Griffith, Director of IT, realized the company’s need for delivering an electronic solution with a mobile app, but recognized there would be challenges associated in doing so. And that’s where Bluemix and the IBM jStart team comes in.

Griffith says, “So this was the perfect opportunity for us to partner with IBM to utilize their Bluemix platform that already has everything built in that we need for very, very little upfront costs….I would have never guessed that we’d be able to deliver the application as quickly as we have and I’ve never seen anybody in our industry be able to deliver an application that quickly, that has that much of an impact to their business.”

To learn more about the Virtual Showroom App, Bernhardt’s collaboration with the IBM jStart team and how the company uses Bluemix, watch the YouTube video below.

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