How to Scan Web and Mobile Applications for Vulnerabilities

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While cloud provides the opportunity to rapidly build and run new web and mobile applications, realizing those ends successfully also means addressing the associated security requirements and challenges.

IBM is working to address these security challenges in a number of important ways, and building new capabilities for Bluemix developers is a key component of that strategy.

One important piece of technology in this mix is the AppScan technology in Bluemix that enables developers to quickly and easily scan their code for vulnerabilities.

In the videos below, Jeff Hoy, Cloud Security Architect in our Security Systems group demonstrates how to scan both a web and mobile application as well as how to interpret the results of a vulnerability scan.

How to Set Up a Web App Vulnerability Scan

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How to Run a Vulnerability Scan and Interpret the Results

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Get Started with AppScan Dynamic Analyzer

How to Scan an Android Application for Vulnerabilities

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Get Started with AppScan Mobile Analyzer
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