Kiwi Wearables Improves Proof of Concept Times by 75 Percent with Bluemix

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The wearable tech industry is rapidly growing. It’s one of the most exciting trends in tech right now and Kiwi Wearables is on the forefront. Kiwi, a wearable tech company, enables seamless, user-friendly motion recognition for devices and applications.

“Kiwi is focused on solving problems for companies that are in the wearable tech industries. We’ve been spending all of our time and energy making motion-sensor technology as easy as possible so that a wider audience can bring motion into whatever products and applications they are building,” states Ali Nawab, chief executive officer (CEO) at Kiwi Wearables.

And recently, Kiwi needed to expand its capabilities and reduce the speed of designing and delivering motion sensing technology solutions to multiple customers and endpoints.

Nawab says, “Instead of having the burden of trying to connect with the 300 to 400 different cloud-reliant devices on the market, we sped up the process with IBM Bluemix, which allowed us to get a basic prototype running in just a few days versus months.”

Kiwi has used IBM’s powerful tools for motion-sensing technology development. So far, the company has been able to improve its proof of concept (POC) times by 75 percent.

Using Bluemix as a Solution and its Components
While discussing IBM and Kiwi’s collaboration, John David Chibuk, chief technology officer (CTO) at Kiwi, stated, “We’re very impressed with IBM and its ability to move quickly and think the way we do.”

Because Bluemix platform’s cloud-based environment and toolset has the ability to connect large numbers of disparate devices, it’s been able to provide Kiwi with enhanced capabilities for its POCs, development and deployment. The solutions’ components include:

IBM Bluemix

Chibuk and Andy Ellicott of Cloudant recently teamed up to do a webcast about building IoT apps with Cloudant DbaaS and managing wearable sensor data in Cloudant.

Get Started with IoT on Bluemix

Bluemix is ready for instant deployment, so check out to register for a free 30-day trial and get started today. We’re excited to see what you build.

As always, feel free to keep up with Bluemix updates, by following @IBMBluemix and liking us on Facebook.

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