Bluemix Dedicated and Enterprise Cloud Platforms

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When we first introduced Bluemix to the market in late February this year it marked a significant shift in the way IBM intends to build and deliver our technology, how we go-to-market and, ultimately, how we enable our clients to innovate rapidly, but with control, in cloud environments.

More than just a single product offering, Bluemix was built as a platform through which both IBM, and our clients and partners, could change the way we collectively deliver products and services.

In the months that followed Bluemix’s release we have delivered more than 75 IBM, 3rd party and open source services, runtimes and boilerplates into the Bluemix catalog. That pace of delivery and the instant feedback associated with cloud-based services is changing what we build and how we build it.

When we talk to our enterprise clients they want to drive the same type of transformation as IBM. They want to move fast and innovate, but create the right types of environments where their developers can do that in a controlled way. This is why cloud platforms are so attractive to enterprise as a model, especially for hybrid cloud, because it creates a defined, scalable environment where services and APIs can be deployed and consumed and where new applications can be built and run using those same sets of approved capabilities, whether they are internally produced or vendor provided.

We are making a series of announcements today that will help our clients to move into this model of development and delivery.

The Bluemix Expansion

Bluemix Dedicated Bluemix Dedicated is your own, single-tenant Bluemix environment, hosted in an isolated SoftLayer instance and managed by us. It is a deployment model that addresses many questions associated with corporate policy, data residency (Bluemix Dedicated is available in any IBM Cloud Center), privacy, noisy neighbors, enterprise connectivity and more.

The services that we are bringing into Bluemix Dedicated are the ones that are focused on data. We’ll have services like Cloudant and data caching available immediately and will rapidly deliver more over the course of the ensuing months. But a key component of the value of Bluemix Dedicated is the connection it shares to the public cloud instance of Bluemix. Developers can pull in APIs and services from our public cloud and use those capabilities in applications that might be running in Bluemix Dedicated.

To the point about running applications, our full set of runtimes, including the ability to bring your own buildpacks, will be available immediately.

With Bluemix Dedicated we are also taking advantage of some of the unique advantages of SoftLayer, namely isolation, high-performance networking and enterprise connectivity that feels like a natural extension to your data center.

And perhaps most interesting opportunity about Bluemix Dedicated is what you will bring. This is an environment where you can build and expose your own services.

Learn more about Bluemix Dedicated

Private API Catalog – What we are really working toward with our enterprise clients is letting them take a policy driven approach to the way they deal with data and placement of workloads. We’re working on flexible paths to cloud and the private catalog in our public cloud offering is a mechanism by which they would use our secure connector technology to publish their own APIs into Bluemix to be used by both their developers and, potentially, their partners. It allows and encourages existing (or new) capabilities to be published and re-used in new and interesting ways.

>Learn how to create your own private API

Bluemix is in London – For many clients, both enterprise and otherwise, a global network is a key capability and today we are announcing the introduction of Bluemix in our SoftLayer London data center. This provides key benefits associated with application performance and data residency in public cloud environments. This was another big step for us and you will see us continue our global expansion of the Bluemix public cloud platform going forward.

>Learn about regions in the Bluemix UI

To help our clients, both enterprise and start-up, move not only toward cloud, but modern product development techniques we are also announcing the second Bluemix Garage, with this one in London. In our London Garage we will continue to partner with developers of all types and work to employ new development techniques such as design thinking and pair programming.

>Learn more about the Bluemix Garage and how you can engage with us in London

Taken in combination, all of these announcements are designed to help our clients move into cloud development and delivery models through a combination of flexible deployment models, enterprise connectivity and outreach and education.

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