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We launched Bluemix in late February and since that time we have added more than 70 boilerplates, runtimes and services. These services include things like IoT and Watson services that will serve as the basis for the next generation of applications that thrive on data.

Today, we’re already seeing really innovative use cases like speedboats racing with data and new university programs empowering students with Masters programs and workshops that enable cloud-based development using IoT tools.

We want to see more examples of how you’re using Bluemix and for that reason we’re hosting a really open-ended app challenge with some great giveaways that include sessions with IBM Design, extended trials and some cool IoT devices like drones.

Sign Up for the Bluemix App Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create the most innovative app on Bluemix services that we have seen. Perhaps you are solving a real challenge with healthcare, or aviation, or perhaps you create an app that serves no immediate business value but offers you fun and enjoyment.

We’re looking for submissions of all kinds.

Your judges include IBM Distinguished Engineers, Kyle Brown, Scott Rich, Christopher Ferris and Gary Barnett, a Chief Analyst from Ovum. They will be judging entries based on the following rubric.

Bluemix App Challenge Rubric


In order to win some of the awesome prizes, our legal team said we had to implement some rules. So here they are:

  1. Log onto Slideshare and make a presentation of your Bluemix App. Show us what problem it solves, how it uses the Bluemix services to solve this problem in no more than 15 slides.
  2. Go to Bluemix App Challenge, submit your contact info and Slideshare url by 11:59 PM ET November 30, 2014. The registration form will ask for both your contact info and the relevant urls we’ll need to judge your submission.

Ready to get started?

Do you have an existing mobile or web application? Launch it on Bluemix using the catalog of Boilerplates, runtimes and third party services.

New to Bluemix? Check out our documentation for getting started. Read an overview of Bluemix. Learn how to create apps for mobile or web, and take a look at our featured runtimes and services.

What will I win?

Everyone is a winner in the Bluemix App Challenge. But there can only be six finalists…will you walk away with the Parrot AR Drone and Das Keyboard?

For a complete list of prizes, or to get started, please visit

Sign Up for the Bluemix App Challenge

Need inspiration?

Check out the pre-built services to assemble apps faster on Bluemix:

And finally the Bluemix catalog where you can choose a package of sample code and services, or start from scratch.

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