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Ustream Video Platform is Now Available in Bluemix

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Ustream provides a flexible and scalable video platform that powers communication. Designed for both live and on-demand streaming, we allow content creators and organizations of any size to use video and increase the reach and impact of their online presence.

We are pleased to announce that we are now available in Bluemix.

What do you get from Ustream in Bluemix?

The concept behind Ustream for IBM Cloud service is a fully customizable, cross platform, white label video management service for your applications.

You can start using Ustream for IBM Cloud without owning an existing Ustream account. We’ll auto-create one for you. You’ll be granted with 10GBs of storage space, enough to host and serve up to 2 hours of HD video (more is available via upgrade). It also comes with the benefits of adding your own branding, and access to our APIs.

Installing Ustream for IBM Cloud service

Adding and binding instances of our service to your Bluemix apps is easy. You can do it directly from the Cloud Foundry command line interface, or if you prefer you can use the Bluemix catalog in your browser. There is a detailed walkthrough about the installation in the Docs section of Bluemix.

Getting started with Ustream

When you use Ustream, you broadcast live and store videos under a dedicated channel page. Every channel has a unique id in Ustream’s system. In Bluemix when you add Ustream for IBM Cloud, we automatically create a channel that belongs under your Ustream account. Beyond that, you can embed your video on any site or social network that makes sense for your brand.

When you bind our service to an app, your channel id will appear in the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

"credentials": {
"accessToken": "7da97cef47bfd50448c87bcddc2845092dd23",
"channelID": "18917840",
"clientID": "0b1d4394f50eb4b786df8eed70e5d6fbe051df95",
"clientSecret": "0b1d4394f50eb4b786dfeed70e5d6fbe051df95"
"label": "ustream",
"name": "my-service-name",
"plan": "basic"

You can also find it on ibmcloud.ustream.tv, a customized dashboard page you can click through from the Bluemix service dashboard.

Ustream API basics

For uploading and managing videos, and changing various channel settings we provide you an HTTP-based (RESTful) API that uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization.

Your API client ID and client secret is generated when you add the Ustream service to your application. You can grab them from the dashboard, or from your VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

Implementing OAuth 2.0, or starting right away with a token

To save you some time, we also generate an access token for you. With this you can try the API without implementing OAuth 2.0 authentication in your app. If it expires, you can get a new one on the dashboard, or implement OAuth 2.0 authentication in your app.

More on the possible authentication methods.

Uploading and managing videos

Once you’ve got your channel id and API access, it’s time to start uploading videos. You can do this with our API, our directly from the browser.

Using the API you initiate an FTP uploading process by calling our uploads endpoint. More on this in the API docs.

Same applies to getting a list of your uploaded content, changing the appearance of the player, or hiding your channel from our main website, Ustream.tv.

Embed API

Once you are done, and ready to take your content public (or share it internally within your company, it’s up to you), you can start playing around with the Ustream player. Grabbing the embed code, and playing your videos on your website or mobile application.

But that just skims the surface, with our Embed API you can have superior control over the Ustream player. Here’s a few things you can do: (un)load specific content, seek, set the volume level, see how many viewed, and even control certain parts of your web page, according to what is happening on the video (or vice versa). Only limit is your imagination and creativity.

More on Ustream Embed API here.

These now all a few simple steps away in Bluemix. What are you going to build with Ustream?

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