Android mobile apps, line by line. Getting started with MobileData

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IBM MobileData Webcast
Mobile applications like WhatsApp have demonstrated the power and opportunity mobile applications have to not only disrupt existing business models, but to be a powerful foundation for growing successful businesses. To support developers looking to build both Android and iOS applications, IBM has built out an entire portfolio that puts our #MobileFirst strategy front and center in today’s business world. We have made these capabilities available to individual developers and enterprises alike on the IBM Bluemix cloud platform. If you’re interested in an introduction to these capabilities including backend for mobile iOS and android based apps, mobile app vulnerability scanning, and bug and in-app crash reporting, then we have a series of great webcasts starting on July 30th at 11am for you.

The webcast series will help get you started on the development of their next mobile applications using IBM Bluemix. The first webcast is on July 30th at 11am ET and is based on the article “Build an Android app using the MobileData cloud service” on DeveloperWorks. This is a practical, hands-on demonstration that will show you how to make your great mobile application ideas real. Our subject matter experts will also be on hand to answer questions while showing just how easy the process can be using IBM’s new Platform-as-a-Service, Bluemix. Interested in attending? Click here to register for the webcast.

The three follow on webcasts will introduce you to deeper concepts for mobile application development including coding for scalability, mobile quality assurance, and putting the power of big data and analytics into a mobile application. Please join us for this series and let our experts answer your questions about mobile application development. The next webcast in the series is coming up on August 19th and will walk you through how to build highly scalable applications. Click here to learn more and register today.

And you don’t have to wait, you can get started today at, connect with us on Twitter @IBMBluemix, and check out more education on our YouTube channel.

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