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How to make work easier with high-tech cloud collaboration

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When we founded CloudHop in 2012, it was among the first managed services providers in East Africa. Our idea was to manage, configure and deploy pure-play software-as-a service (SaaS) solutions for customers with just a few users to tens of thousands of users. Over time, we saw that enterprise customers had increasingly sophisticated and nuanced requirements, to the point where public cloud deployments and commoditized SaaS applications wouldn’t cut it.

Some customers wanted hybrid deployments, some preferred on-premises applications, others needed data to stay on-premises. All required scalable functionality and deep application integration expertise.

Crippled by email overload

We also noticed the crippling effect of large enterprises relying too heavily on email for collaboration. Many executives told us their organizations were overwhelmed by email—people swamped by messages found it difficult to be productive. And it’s easy to fall into the trap of responding to messages without taking the required action, which can push important tasks out of sight and mind.

It was clear that the commodity SaaS collaboration tools we offered at the time weren’t addressing the needs of enterprises. That’s why we’re pleased to offer an innovative collaboration solution that arose from our relationship with IBM.

Today CloudHop provides cloud-based social collaboration based on IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Watson Workspace, along with IBM Verse and Box, for teams of ten to 10,000. Bringing together messaging, online meetings, content management and collaborative document editing in a single platform, IBM Connections Cloud offers employees a personalized dashboard to manage their work, communicate with peers and prioritize tasks. We can customize and configure the platform in a multitude of ways, pulling in data from different sources to create integrated, scalable applications that truly meet our customers’ needs.

Making work easier

Perhaps best of all, the solution can make work easier, moving us closer to that moment when technology really assists us in what we want to do, rather than forcing us in another direction. Our solution empowers employees to assign tasks, manage projects and track goals while working in digital communities, with special benefits to those facing email overload. IBM Connections Cloud is tightly integrated with IBM Watson Workspace, a messaging app that lets people connect and collaborate with their teams from any connected device. People who use it instead of email for their internal communications can collaborate in a more efficient, intuitive way.

As an example, instead of having to trawl back through long email chains to see the history of a project, employees can view a chronological list of completed actions at the touch of a button, Similarly, AI capabilities enable people to assign tasks to team members in natural language and track task completion in a centralized dashboard. If someone sends a message agreeing to forward a file on a certain day but then forgets, IBM Watson Workspace can send a proactive reminder.

Our solution also includes IBM Connections Compliance for Mail, which allows email to be archived in the cloud while keeping data accessible for compliance checks and e-discovery. In addition, in partnership with IBM we launched the CloudHop University, classroom-style education and hands-on training on our platform that engages customers in an integrated collaboration experience.

We aim to assist enterprises across Africa in using real-time communications to help their employees work in more efficient, accountable and intuitive ways. IBM’s collaboration roadmap and technology align perfectly with this important goal.


CloudHop co-founder Nadeem Nordim discusses an AI-powered collaboration solution that addresses enterprise customers’ needs for efficient, accountable and intuitive communication:

CloudHop co-founder Keval Shah explains how IBM helped “educate” CloudHop’s customers about its collaboration solution:

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