Re-imagining logistics with aerial drone delivery

Imagine if customers could receive small packaged goods in less than an hour, instead of a day or a week. The time and cost savings could change how goods are purchased and consumed, with far-reaching consequences across the supply chain and to people’s lives. That is the promise of today’s emerging autonomous transportation systems that […]

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Local Motors steers the future of cognitive, self-driving vehicles

A few years ago, I had an experience traveling through the Washington, D.C. area with my father, who is in a wheelchair. He continually asked me about where we were and what was going on. I could sense that he was nervous about being in a wheelchair in an unfamiliar environment. I knew that I […]

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Empowered employees create happy passengers at TAV Airports

The most exciting part of my job as the CEO of TAV Airports is dealing with people, especially our passengers and employees. TAV operates 15 airports and delivers services such as duty-free shopping, upscale dining, entertainment and passenger lounge services and parking management to another 75 airports around the world. I constantly ask myself how […]

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