SimpleC: Uncovering memories and sparking patient motivation

More than a good day — Jason is one of our SimpleC clinicians. He visits assisted living facilities, and works with people who have dementia. One day, he met a man who sat alone in a community room. The man didn’t talk. Talking was hard. Sometimes, he uttered a broken phrase. Jason uncovered a piece […]

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Breaking barriers to aging adult care with SimpleC cognitive platform applications

Living life in a meaningful way — When your parents can’t care for themselves anymore, it’s hard to decide what to do. But it’s a decision that some have to make. I was very close to my parents. I spoke to my dad every day. I said I was calling with updates, but I often […]

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Pharmacy’s tablets make special orders easy to swallow

The day IBM announced MobileFirst for iOS The morning I heard about the IBM and Apple partnership, I was sitting in my office with my colleague Richard Thomas. It started us talking about what the news would mean, and we thought about our client at Boots UK. Boots UK has over 2,500 stores across the […]

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