influencer marketing

How to improve social influencer marketing with AI technology

If you were a marketer, imagine the thrill of creating a commercial so compelling that your audience would skip through regular programming to get to it. That’s our goal at Influential. We’re in the business of helping brands, publishers and ad agencies create social media #ad and #sponsored posts that outperform organic content. We’ve achieved […]

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High-tech AI delivers new opportunities for athlete sponsorships

There was a time, believe it or not, when the biggest difference between mattresses was soft versus firm. Okay, maybe that’s oversimplifying a bit, but there’s no question that the market for sleep products is a very different ballgame today. One big factor—and it’s not altogether surprising—is that the mattress market has become a hotbed […]

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The data that put Influential in control

When you need to deliver on a six-figure contract, you can’t get derailed because somebody’s stuck in a college classroom. My company, Influential, is an AI influencer technology that matches brands with social media influencers. Our technology uses machine learning and transparent data to identify and connect top-engaged accounts on social media with the perfect […]

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