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Predict to prevent: Transforming mining with machine learning

Written by Patrick Murphy | AI/Watson, Cloud, Metals & Mining...

Over the past few decades, the mining industry has been mired in a productivity slump of sorts. On the whole, production efficiency is down and costs are up. Mining companies have naturally looked for ways to turn this around, and digitalization has been one of the chief approaches these companies have followed. It’s understandable why. more

How IT technology promises to boost success for Honda

Written by Masahiro Honda | Cloud, IBM Garage, Internet of Things (IoT)...

The auto industry is currently experiencing a major disruption. Hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicles are changing the face of the industry completely. Similarly, customer expectations and behavior are also undergoing a sea change. As part of this paradigm shift, Honda faces competition not just from traditional industry competitors, but also from within the technology domain more

How AI technology can make mining more productive

Written by Patrick Murphy | Industrial Products, Metals & Mining, Middleware...

For more than 150 years, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has provided equipment and engineering solutions to the mining and rock excavation industry. A lot has changed over the past century and a half, and today we’re so much more than an equipment, parts and service company. We’re now also in the business of providing more

Improving eye surgeons’ workflow with IoT technology

Written by Ron Cummings-Kralik | Cloud, Healthcare, Watson IoT

The odds are good that someone you know has had eye surgery – particularly cataract surgery. In fact, more than two million cataract surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year. Not only is it one of the most frequently performed surgical surgeries performed today, it’s also one of the fastest and most successful, often more

Schiphol aims to be the world’s leading digitally innovative airport

Written by Sebastiaan de Sterke | AI/Watson, Travel and Transportation

In 2017, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol moved nearly 70 million passengers and 1.8 million tons of cargo, making it the third-largest airport in Europe. That’s important, but let’s be clear: we at Schiphol aren’t aiming to be the biggest. Our ambition is to further develop Mainport Schiphol as a multi-modal hub and secure Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s more

AI and IoT technology help boost water quality in China

Written by Fu Dawei | AI/Watson, Government, Internet of Things (IoT)...

Water is one of the planet’s most precious resources. Yet our waterways in China are under constant threat—from pollution, invasive species, drought and flooding. Many people don’t realize that keeping our water resources safe, clean and usable requires extensive infrastructure and administration at every level of government. Monitoring waterways with streaming video At RichWay Technology more

Panasonic innovates to help businesses delight customers

Written by Oliver Akinrele | AI/Watson, Cloud, Electronics...

Providing a great guest experience drives the hospitality, travel and entertainment industries. Poor experiences affect brand loyalty and image and decrease guests’ likelihood to return to the venue, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, theme park or stadium. Panasonic teamed with IBM to build the Digital Concierge Platform using IBM Watson technology on the IBM Cloud more

Flex sees IoT ecosystem as the future of manufacturing

Written by Bret Martin | AI/Watson, Analytics, Industrial Products

I believe that the Internet of Things, or IoT, is the future of manufacturing – we call it the Intelligence of Things. It’s also the future of healthcare, automotive safety, aerospace, telecommunications and pretty much every other industry sector. That’s why we’re positioning IoT everywhere at Flex. Global production, global headaches Most people have never more

Crowdfunding and high-tech partnerships boost startup dreams

Written by Slava Rubin | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Watson IoT

What if there was a market that sold brilliant ideas? Back in 2006, my co-founders and I imagined a place where people could buy into the most inspiring ideas. It could help the best ideas get the best funding. It could bring more democracy to entrepreneurship, so that opportunity became a matter of what—not who—you more