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Passionate teen coding phenom imagines the future with AI

Written by Tanmay Bakshi | AI/Watson, Cloud, Developer

I started coding at age five because I was interested in what was going on behind the scenes on the computer. Something as simple as how to change the color of the screen fascinated me. And I kept coding because my parents encouraged me. And now it’s a passion. A hobby. Something I just love more

SilverHook and IBM Watson IoT push ocean racing to world record

Written by Nigel Hook | AI/Watson, Analytics, Cloud...

On August 17, 2017, the 48-ft. SilverHook powerboat broke the endurance world record from Key West to Cuba, traveling 103 miles through the Florida Straights in 1 hour, 18 minutes and 3 seconds. Average speed was 79.23 mph and top speed 127 mph. As the captain of the SilverHook Powerboat Team, and throttleman beside driver more

Vacation with IBM Watson and discover a whole new world

Written by Georgina Castanon | AI/Watson, Cloud, Travel and Transportation

From the very beginning, my partners and I at Walk and Explore knew that artificial intelligence would help us create something totally different from what already existed in the travel marketplace. Travel can expose you to new and amazing experiences. Yet, despite the best laid plans, if you’re new to somewhere these experiences can be more