Analytics and AI can improve healthcare benefits decisions

Most of us are aware that advanced analytics and AI can help doctors diagnose disease and treat patients better. An area of decision support that’s been neglected, however, is healthcare benefits. This is unfortunate because benefits decisions can have serious financial and wellness consequences for every employer and its employees. Indeed, a typical family of […]

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How a high-tech AI solution can boost employee engagement

When I entered the workforce many years ago, I became disengaged because I felt overlooked by my managers—they never communicated the impact my work had on the organization. My experience mirrors the latest employee engagement research that shows employees crave real and immediate recognition. Just saying “good job” or “I appreciate you” doesn’t cut it; […]

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Findability Sciences delivers the joy of finding insight in HRM data

My greatest satisfaction in my work comes from replacing our customers’ “pain of searching” with the joy of finding. Overcoming the pain of unstructured data analytics By now, most companies realize the power of insight from big data. They’re also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of tapping into unstructured information, some of which resides […]

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