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Panasonic innovates to help businesses delight customers

Written by Oliver Akinrele | AI/Watson, Cloud, Electronics...

Providing a great guest experience drives the hospitality, travel and entertainment industries. Poor experiences affect brand loyalty and image and decrease guests’ likelihood to return to the venue, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, theme park or stadium. Panasonic teamed with IBM to build the Digital Concierge Platform using IBM Watson technology on the IBM Cloud more

Weather data sparks retail innovation to help bottom line

Written by Erik Haas | Analytics, Business Partner, Cloud...

At Bison Schweiz AG, we’re constantly reinventing our products to meet the changing needs of our retail customers. When we saw the opportunity to integrate weather data into our electronic store label (ESL) solution, Bison ESL Manager, we jumped at the chance. What does weather have to do with retail? Any gardening store manager can more

Elio With Watson: Transforming customer support at NetApp

Written by Ross Ackerman | AI/Watson, Cloud, Electronics

NetApp is leading a digital customer experience transformation by changing the way customers interact with the company. Our goal is to assist customers anytime via any channel. And we must respond quickly and accurately with minimal effort on their part. Typical customer support: a missed opportunity for customer connection Today, too many companies only think more

The biggest revolution in video viewing since cable TV

Written by Field Garthwaite | AI/Watson, Consumer Products, Media and Entertainment

At IRIS.TV we’re using machine learning to enable the biggest transformation of how people watch video since the evolution of cable television. I know that’s a bold claim. But let me show you why we believe it. For decades, succeeding in the biggest media business in the world – television – came down to having more

Chatbots help bridge the context gap in customer service

Written by Matt Wilbanks | AI/Watson, Computer Services, Developer

Meet Nadine. Nadine finds unexpected charges on her phone bill and, boy, is she frustrated. The same thing happened last month, and she had to speak with three different agents before the problem finally went away. Now that it’s back, Nadine is considering a switch to another provider. She even tweets about it, complaining to more

Safely connecting kids to the digital world

Written by Krissa Watry | AI/Watson, Cloud, Developer...

We’ve all heard the expression “When one door closes another opens.” That’s what happened at my company, Dynepic, which started as a developer of social smart toys. Today we have pivoted to provide the iOKids Platform, a secure, social gateway to enable kids’ connection to the digital world under the watchful eyes of parents. Protecting more

Pursuing AI-powered hospitality with passion

Written by Roshan Koonja | AI/Watson, Analytics, Travel and Transportation

I am ardent in pursuing innovative technology solutions that drive business value. In fact, I rebranded our information technology department at Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf so that it’s now called Innovative Technology. Because, technology is really about enabling innovation. Our departmental commitment to technological innovation grew out of not only my own passion for more