Chatbots help bridge the context gap in customer service

Written by Matt Wilbanks | AI/Watson, Computer Services, Developer

Meet Nadine. Nadine finds unexpected charges on her phone bill and, boy, is she frustrated. The same thing happened last month, and she had to speak with three different agents before the problem finally went away. Now that it’s back, Nadine is considering a switch to another provider. She even tweets about it, complaining to more

Local Motors steers the future of cognitive, self-driving vehicles

Written by Hugh Palmer | AI/Watson, Automotive, Internet of Things (IoT)

A few years ago, I had an experience traveling through the Washington, D.C. area with my father, who is in a wheelchair. He continually asked me about where we were and what was going on. I could sense that he was nervous about being in a wheelchair in an unfamiliar environment. I knew that I more

SilverHook and IBM Watson IoT push ocean racing to world record

Written by Nigel Hook | AI/Watson, Analytics, Cloud...

On August 17, 2017, the 48-ft. SilverHook powerboat broke the endurance world record from Key West to Cuba, traveling 103 miles through the Florida Straights in 1 hour, 18 minutes and 3 seconds. Average speed was 79.23 mph and top speed 127 mph. As the captain of the SilverHook Powerboat Team, and throttleman beside driver more

IBM Watson Care Manager helps court better serve youth

Written by Anthony Capizzi and Tricia Lucido | AI/Watson, Government, Social Service

Note:  This is part one of a two-part series on IBM Watson Care Manager for specialty courts. Our goal at the Juvenile Court of Montgomery County, Ohio, is to keep kids alive until they’re old enough to make decisions on their own. We feel as if almost every child is directly or indirectly at risk more

Here comes the judge … with IBM Watson?

Written by David Certo | AI/Watson, Government, Healthcare

As presiding judge at the Indianapolis Veterans Court, it’s my privilege to assist veterans whose conduct has violated community standards in some way. I always want to know the reason they are before me so we can help them get to a better place. The goal is to keep the promise that we as a more

Vacation with IBM Watson and discover a whole new world

Written by Georgina Castanon | AI/Watson, Cloud, Travel and Transportation

From the very beginning, my partners and I at Walk and Explore knew that artificial intelligence would help us create something totally different from what already existed in the travel marketplace. Travel can expose you to new and amazing experiences. Yet, despite the best laid plans, if you’re new to somewhere these experiences can be more

Mueller Inc.: Gaining a cognitive edge over the competition

Written by Mark Lack | AI/Watson, Construction / Architecture / Engineering, Industrial Products

Mueller is an industrial products company with a big sales territory. We’ve become one of the leading steel building and roofing manufacturers in the United States. I attribute our success and growth to our customer outcome focus and our people – all 750 of them. As the data guy at Mueller, I want to give more

How to feed future generations: Cognitive precision farming

Written by Kevin Lopez Alvarez | Agriculture, AI/Watson, Life Sciences

We’re running out of food. In about 30 years, the world will have more people than our farms can support. Right now we could feed everyone—if we could distribute all of the food we have. But that won’t be true by 2050, according to the Global Harvest Initiative and other sources. We can’t farm much more

Watson serves up Cognitive Highlights at the US Open

Written by Noah Syken | AI/Watson, Events, Media and Entertainment

This year, nearly 75 percent of all Internet traffic will be video. It comes from social media. From corporate marketing departments. And from television broadcasters and Hollywood studios. It is rapidly becoming the primary communications medium of our time. Analyzing mountains of video footage The only problem is, video is not easily searchable. It is more