cognitive business

Woodside Energy drills for insight with cognitive computing

Written by Shaun Gregory and Russell Potapinski | AI/Watson, Analytics, Chemicals & Petroleum

No geologist or engineer goes into their career thinking they’d love to spend Monday through Thursday full time hunting for needed nuggets of information, and only on Friday possibly getting the opportunity to come up with innovative solutions. But, that’s the harsh reality. With over 30 years of experience building and operating liquefied natural gas more

Pursuing AI-powered hospitality with passion

Written by Roshan Koonja | AI/Watson, Analytics, Travel and Transportation

I am ardent in pursuing innovative technology solutions that drive business value. In fact, I rebranded our information technology department at Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf so that it’s now called Innovative Technology. Because, technology is really about enabling innovation. Our departmental commitment to technological innovation grew out of not only my own passion for more

Cognitive concierge helps 1-800-Flowers simplify gifting

Written by Arnold Leap | AI/Watson, Commerce, Retail

Mother’s Day can be stressful. What’s the perfect gift for my mom, wife, and sister? What’s she expecting and how can I best show her she’s appreciated? As a young kid, it was simple. I would draw or create artwork for my mom. Maybe I’d write her a card. As I’ve gotten older, my default more

Honeywell: Three ingredients for augmented intelligence

Written by Chad Kartchner | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Mobile...

I know that, as a human, I have a limited capacity for knowledge. But, I also know that I can augment my knowledge. I can form a support system, aided by computers that have the power to read, search and retain millions of documents. That support system has already begun on my mobile device. Most more

Breaking barriers to aging adult care with SimpleC cognitive platform applications

Written by Dan Pompilio | AI/Watson, Healthcare, Life Sciences...

When your parents can’t care for themselves anymore, it’s hard to decide what to do. But it’s a decision that some have to make. I was very close to my parents. I spoke to my dad every day. I said I was calling with updates, but I often wanted advice. I cherished his love and more

Cognitive + Retail: Macy’s shoppers get help from in-store cognitive app

Written by Don White | AI/Watson, Mobile, Retail

Macy’s Inc., one of the premier department store retailers in the US, is exploring how cognitive technologies can help guide shoppers within their stores. Satisfi Labs is working with Macy’s to develop and test Macy’s On Call, a cognitive mobile web tool designed to help shoppers locate items and enhance their in-store experience. The tool more

Five steps to becoming a cognitive business

Written by Aaron Sultan | AI/Watson, Analytics, Consumer Products...

While speaking with IBM cognitive business clients over the past year, I’ve started to see some trends. Some of our clients have eagerly embraced cognitive computing, some are just starting their cognitive journeys, and others are curious how to begin. In all cases, it starts with critically looking at your business. Here are the key more