Smart Dubai aims to boost happiness with technology

Written by Wesam Lootah | AI/Watson, Blockchain, Developer...

I live and work in Dubai—a cosmopolitan city with a proclivity for superlatives. It boasts the tallest building in the world. It is one of the world’s fastest growing cities, known for its impressive skyline studded with ultramodern architecture and luxury shopping. And it is one of the most popular destinations for global travelers. But more

How to help clients crawl, walk, then run with high-tech AI

Written by Thierry Hubert | AI/Watson, Cloud, Computer Services

As companies tap into the power of artificial intelligence, there’s often an impulse to run from the very beginning. There’s a mistaken belief that AI can solve everything. For this reason, we call our company Darwin Ecosystem because we look to the crawl, walk and run model—taking a tiered approach to help ensure transformation success. more

Can travel be revolutionized with blockchain technology?

Written by Matthias Felder and Moritz von Bonin | Blockchain, Computer Services, Travel and Transportation

Twenty-five or 30 years ago, traveling from one end of Germany to the other meant paper tickets and separate fares. For example, you had to buy one ticket for the train at the station, then a metro ticket to ride the U-Bahn subway in the city and finally you had to pay the fare to more

How to succeed as an AI and blockchain startup

Written by Andre Konig | AI/Watson, Blockchain, Cloud...

If you haven’t met Sia, perhaps you should get to know her. Sia is a digital AI assistant who helps make sense of the deluge of unstructured data. My company, Opentopic, a 25-employee startup, developed Sia for people who work in the financial services industry. Powered by IBM Watson and blockchain, purple-haired Sia won’t tell more

WaterBot: How to know if your water is safe to drink

Written by Chris Richter | AI/Watson, Blockchain, Energy & Utilities...

How can you tell if your water is safe to drink? Most Americans worry about their drinking water, with good reason. News reports regularly expose high levels of PFCs, PFASs and other contaminants found around the nation. In 2014, we heard that the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, was discolored with dangerous contamination. Over the more

Gliding Eagle’s global trade vision soars with IBM Blockchain

Written by Jack Duan | Blockchain, Cloud, Commerce

My dream has been to run a company that has a positive impact on the world. At Gliding Eagle, Inc. we’re doing just that. We launched Gliding Eagle in 2010 to help balance our trade between the United States and China. Our company has built a direct and transparent international distribution system from American producers more

How can we clear the plastic choking our oceans?

Written by Shaun Frankson | Blockchain, Energy & Utilities, Middleware...

Straight out of high school I joined a rock band. I thought I was living the dream. Then I woke up one day trapped in a bed. A car crash had almost killed me. I was 21. I had an epiphany. I had this revelation, a realization about what I wanted to do. I wanted more