Big Data

Findability Sciences delivers the joy of finding insight in HRM data

My greatest satisfaction in my work comes from replacing our customers’ “pain of searching” with the joy of finding. Overcoming the pain of unstructured data analytics By now, most companies realize the power of insight from big data. They’re also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of tapping into unstructured information, some of which resides […]

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Pioneering climate change research with analytics

The University of Alberta Centre for Earth Observation Sciences (CEOS) is using advanced data analytics to better understand climate change in sensitive tropical forests. Dry tropical forests, such as can be found in Costa Rica, are some of the least monitored ecosystems in the world. There are 525 carbon flux sites worldwide, 25 of these […]

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Hard Rock Stadium makes fans the winners

Hard Rock Stadium (formerly Sun Life Stadium), a 65,326-seat stadium in the heart of Miami, Florida, is the home of the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami football team, Orange Bowl and Super Bowl LIV. It also features international soccer and a host of world-class events. What many people might not realize about Hard Rock Stadium, […]

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