AI text analytics: helping brands create content people want to see

By | 2 minute read | October 10, 2019

For close to 20 years, we at NZN have published special-interest websites. They are quite popular. Some 25 million people, or 20 percent of Brazil’s online users, visit them each month.

Still, today we’re transforming NZN from Internet publishing into a provider of content production services. Instead of just taking advertising, we aim to empower businesses to create professional-quality content of their own.

Why the change? Advertising offerings from major platforms like Google and Facebook have increased so much recently that the business model for other publishers is less sustainable. When our ad revenues began to drop, we sought to keep helping brands reach their customers, to help them find their own digital voices.

Software as a service boosts revenues

Our new approach involves productizing our content production framework and offering it “as a service” for businesses to purchase. With help from AI and our development partner IBM, we’re making excellent progress.

After an IBM Garage workshop where our developers worked alongside IBM experts for eight weeks, we introduced two AI-powered services that help businesses create content that people want to see. In fact, all our revenue growth comes from such services that didn’t exist two years ago.

The power of textual analysis

NZN Trends, our first new service, answers a perennial question for content creators: what should we write about next? In past years, this was the chief editor’s job, but today’s AI technology makes data more important than one person’s opinion.

NZN Trends applies IBM Watson technology from IBM Cloud to collect content from public sources such as Google Trends, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and analyze it for keywords that we monitor. Then, Watson analyzes each keyword for whether it’s trending up or down and lists the main subjects written about it.

Writers and videographers can view these results on a dashboard updated every 15 minutes. The insights help them understand which topics matter most to their audience at that moment.

SEO for non-experts

Our second new offering is a microservice that helps content creators understand how Google will rank their content. This is search engine optimization (SEO), and like NZN Trends it relies on Watson’s ability to analyze unstructured text.

Integrated into our content management system and our marketplace for professional content producers, the microservice measures the density of important keywords and offers tips for improvement. It also checks to see whether each keyword could be replaced by one higher ranked. This happens in real time as the copywriter creates the content.

Many content creators are expert on particular subjects but not on SEO. The keyword tips we offer help them learn as they write.

An impactful transformation

These and similar services are helping NZN transform into a content services provider. As we continue the transformation, we’re grateful for our relationship with IBM.

IBM has never tried to sell things to us; it’s always been a development partnership. And, we like that our developers have learned about IBM technologies in the IBM Garage—as well as more about our own technology and core product. Our developers are excited about this process and thanks to IBM Garage, they’ve become more productive.

Watch Sobhan Daliry discuss AI-powered content production services: