How IoT technology promises to boost success for Honda

By | 1 minute read | September 4, 2019

aeriel view of shangai highway

The auto industry is currently experiencing a major disruption. Hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicles are changing the face of the industry completely. Similarly, customer expectations and behavior are also undergoing a sea change. As part of this paradigm shift, Honda faces competition not just from traditional industry competitors, but also from within the technology domain as customers demand more from their automobile-ownership experience.

As automakers, we need to sustain and evolve our business simultaneously. This requires a deep understanding of real customers’ needs, supported by a robust customer management platform.

IoT helps connect to customers throughout their driving journey

Together with IBM, we’re undertaking a digital CRM transformation. We’ve created a 360-degree digital platform that keeps us constantly connected with our customers.

We are using IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights to boost safety, convenience and fun for our customers. At every step of the discover, engage, purchase and experience journey to the customer’s repurchase decision, the solution will help us craft an engaged customer experience while creating internal value for the future of the company.

IBM Garage method helps accelerate outcomes

Looking toward the future, we’re confident that we’ll achieve our planned outcomes with the IBM solutions and people supporting our customer engagement platform. We’ve created an ecosystem of functional heads, IT teams and IT systems integrators to tightly collaborate, working with speed using IBM Garage.

To accelerate our work, we needed an agile collaborator that thrives on change; we found that in IBM.

See how Honda Motor Cars India is using the IBM IoT for Automotive Platform to create a transformative customer service experience by watching the video interview with Masahiro Honda: