HIMSS 2017: Ushering in the dawn of a new era in healthcare

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One of the largest US healthcare conferences of the year just took place, and those of us working with IBM Watson Health showed the world how fast we’ve grown. Watson Health was launched at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference, called HIMSS for short, in 2015. At HIMSS16, we shared our vision for healthcare in the cognitive era. Now, we’re demonstrating all we’ve done and letting our client stories shine.

Sharing Watson Health business cases and client successes

At the conference this year, IBM was one of nine anchor sponsors, and we had a large booth to showcase our cognitive hero stories. We also hosted 40 back-to-back theater presentations at our IBM booth. There, we highlighted innovation proof points from all of our IBM Watson Health pillars and IBM Healthcare solutions.

Invoking clients, Business Partners and industry innovators to share their success stories, we had over 1,500 attendees visit our booth. This included standing-room-only crowds at many of the sessions hosted at our booth theater space. Our popular speakers included:

  • Ed Mingle, Executive Director and Head of Global Safety Operations at Celgene, sharing groundbreaking work with Watson Health to revolutionize drug safety.  Read the press release to learn more.
  • Nadine Bakkar, PhD, Research Assistant Professor at the Barrow Neurological Institute, and Alix LaCoste, PhD, IBM Watson Health Data Scientist, discussing the accelerated progress they’re making in identifying new proteins that contribute to our understanding and treatment of ALS.  Read the press release to learn more.
  • Piers Nash, PhD, Director of Business Development for the Center for Data Intensive Sciences, University of Chicago, demonstrating how he’s modernizing his infrastructure with IBM Cloud Object Storage to expedite cancer research.  Watch the video interview with Dr. Piers Nash to learn more.
  • Ronen Tamir, SVP of Strategic Business Initiatives at Teva Pharmaceuticals, providing a glimpse into the future of consumer engagement to proactively and effectively manage chronic disease.  Read the press release to learn more.
  • J.D. Whitlock, VP Enterprise Intelligence at Mercy Health, sharing how to incorporate advanced analytics and data management architecture to deliver measurable improvements in managing population health.  Read the case study to learn more.

Addressing health challenges

Over the three-day conference, it became clear to me that teamwork and partnership are essential. It’s only together that we can address the challenges of our increasingly complex and intricate healthcare ecosystem.

Every one of us is, knows or will meet someone who struggles daily to cope with an affliction, a chronic disease or a serious illness. Whether it’s the Veterans Administration helping returning soldiers manage PTSD, or the Barrow Neurological Institute working to identify new proteins that might shed new light on ALS, or Medtronic and Teva making it easier to better manage chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, it’s rewarding to know that IBM and Watson Health are part of a very special group of caring and devoted professionals committed to improving the collective quality of life.

Discovering new horizons in healthcare

HIMSS17 was a great success, but there is no rest for the weary. We now turn our attention to the hard work of delivering on the promise delivered at the event. The bar has been raised, and we look forward to strengthening our HIMSS partnership throughout the year. We’re also looking to extend our position as an industry leader and agenda setter at HIMSS18.


Learn more about IBM Healthcare and watch the replay of IBM CEO Ginni Rometty’s keynote address from HIMSS17 below.







IBM Industry Marketing Leader, Healthcare & Life Sciences

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