Gliding Eagle’s global trade vision soars with IBM Blockchain

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My dream has been to run a company that has a positive impact on the world. At Gliding Eagle, Inc. we’re doing just that.

We launched Gliding Eagle in 2010 to help balance our trade between the United States and China. Our company has built a direct and transparent international distribution system from American producers to Chinese consumers, without any middlemen in China.

With our unique technology, manufacturers can trace their products from the warehouse all the way to the end consumer, no matter where they are in the world. Consumers can use a smart phone to learn everything about the producer, brand and product. They can also provide feedback or get support with just a tap on their phone.

Direct shipment to consumers ensures channel transparency and product authenticity, reassuring to both manufacturers and consumers.

Transparent and verifiable global trade with IBM Blockchain and Cloud

In addition to mobile technology, we use two types of IBM services at Gliding Eagle to make global trade more transparent and accountable. The first service is infrastructure in the cloud. This solves a fundamental problem with global trade: the need to have different datacenters.

Startups cannot afford to have multiple datacenters. So, we use IBM Cloud, which gives us datacenters in Hong Kong, San Jose, Dallas and Washington, D.C. It’s very easy; we can deploy it within minutes.

The second IBM service that we use is IBM Blockchain, which fosters trust and transparency between our manufacturers and consumers by enabling secure, decentralized information recording.

We joined IBM’s “blockchain cosystem”, which is open to companies interested in developing blockchain apps. By being a part of the ecosystem, we have access to tools, advice, mentorship and other community members. We’re also able to feature our apps on IBM Marketplace, which is like a blockchain app store.

Fine wine and safe medicines

We currently serve two sectors. The first is wineries, where every bottle from the winery to the end customer in China, Asia’s largest market, is traceable. This traceability is especially important with fine, expensive wines.

The second sector is healthcare, where we’re breaking new ground by delivering cancer-fighting prescription drugs from the United States directly to the hospitals directly treating patients in China. Everything in the process is legal, transparent and auditable within our blockchain information storage. As a result, we’ve been approved by both Chinese Customs and healthcare providers. This increased access to oncology drugs can help benefit the over 4 million people in China that are diagnosed with cancer each year.

From “crazy idea” to reality

Seven years ago, I started a company with one crazy idea: the goal of changing global trade. I realized that there are many people in the world who created and produced great products. I wanted to build a mechanism that they would trust to deliver their products to anywhere in the world. And with our Gliding Eagle team, we’ve done just that.


Hear more from Jack Duan on Gliding Eagle’s use of IBM Cloud and IBM Blockchain for international trade:

Founder & CEO

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