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Digital meeting platform brings Grupo Familia together

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Grupo Familia is a company with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean that makes personal care and hygiene products to improve wellness in every stage of family life. We also believe in furthering the well being of our employees by fostering connections among people inside and outside the company.

This can be difficult, however, when our employees are spread out across Colombia, the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries.

The solution was to create a culture of connectedness through our intranet, a social collaboration platform we call Conéctate. Launched in October of 2015 and based on the IBM Connections Cloud social business service, the intranet has since attracted 2,300 of our employees to join and contribute.

A key reason for this success lies in Connections’ ability to combine corporate communications with company-wide collaboration. Our business managers appreciate how easy it is to create and share content and maintain their departmental pages. Individual employees use features such as profiles, activities, file sharing and communities that encourage collaboration and dialogue throughout their day.

A family meeting place

Our vision is that Conéctate serves as a digital meeting place for the entire Grupo Familia family, a place where we interact, innovate and share experiences. The platform’s colors and style reflect an identity that is the same wherever we operate.

Company executives use Conéctate to communicate corporate news to employees, who can “like” and offer feedback on the postings. When an event or achievement happens in Colombia, for instance, employees in Ecuador and Argentina can feel part of it. And they can learn from each other by sharing knowledge, photos and videos related to their work. But they also can learn about each other for meaningful interactions that go beyond job descriptions.

As an example, one of our employees in Cali, Colombia, did charitable work to sponsor children in need. A Christmastime post about this led to a groundswell of support, inspiring many employees to volunteer to sponsor children and donate gifts. Celebrating such endeavors online gives us a sense that our work is more than just a job. Rather, we are making a difference in our communities.

Lowering barriers between people

Unlike a standard corporate portal, Conéctate is a conversation that reflects our culture of family and openness. Our brand of family well being shows through in the colors, the comments, the photos, the videos and the personal contributions that have made the site so popular.

This digital meeting place has helped us to share knowledge, experience and innovation so that our employees can be better at what they do. It has also lowered barriers and given us a sense that whatever our job or the country in which we work, we are all part of the Grupo Familia family.


For more information on Grupo Familia’s social collaboration solution, watch the video below:



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