Cognitive + Marketing: Three ways to better engage consumers

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I receive more than 100 promotional emails every day. As a result, I delete nearly all of them, only keeping those sharing a well-timed sale or a catchy headline. This is in addition to the ads that pop up when I’m surfing online or checking social media. There’s a constant demand to spend more time, more money and more energy with more and more brands. And, research shows I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed.

How will you better engage consumers?

So, what can marketers do to cut through the noise and find the consumers they want at just the right moment? Enter IBM Watson Marketing and a host of IBM Business Partners working to help address your marketing needs. Our team spoke with a few of these Business Partners to hear how they uniquely help brands more effectively market products and services.

Better understanding, richer real-time consumer engagement

As consumers face advertising burnout in the digital retail world, targeted and in-the-moment marketing is increasingly important. To address this need, Opentopic is using cognitive technology to optimize unstructured data and to engage and convert online audiences. The company is helping clients, such as BBVA, one of the largest banks in the world, understand real-time customer interactions, then target and personalize messages directly to their ideal audiences. Opentopic took BBVA from five target audiences to almost 500 target audiences, fully automated with a cognitive understanding of those audiences. Now, the right offering is matched with the ideal audience segment for better engagement and more effective product sales conversion rates.

Watch our interview with Opentopic Co-Founder André König or read the case study to learn more.

Better marketing research, clearer media planning

Saving time is always valuable, especially when trying to find that needle-in-a-haystack customer. Equals 3 is helping marketers use the massive amount of data available to them to quickly make informed decisions with Lucy, a cognitive research tool. As a user interface for all marketing systems, employees can use Lucy to access the appropriate data — structured and unstructured formats, available through numerous logins and disparate systems — to gain deeper insight into their target audience. Working with Fortune 1000 companies and the agencies serving them, Lucy has helped clients save up to 75 percent of external vendor costs and complete projects seven times faster. Lucy frees marketers to solve bigger challenges while she conducts research, segments audiences and proposes media plans.

Watch our interview with Equals 3 Founder and CEO Dan Mallin or read the case study to learn more.

Better listening, stronger product launches

Focus groups, surveys and ethnography studies can be helpful, but consumer product goods (CPG) companies are looking to overcome survey bias and scale up the research to understand larger groups of consumers so they can better innovate and introduce more meaningful new products. That’s where 113 Industries comes in. The IBM Business Partner is augmenting research that their clients, which include Hershey, Coca-Cola, Smucker’s, Ocean Spray and Colgate-Palmolive, already know about their consumer base. With IBM Watson, 113 Industries can process millions of social media conversations, understand them, index them and mine them for key insights and compensating behaviors that lead to unarticulated needs and whitespaces for innovation. So, brands can now better understand who their consumers are, what they like about a product or category, and where there’s an opportunity for innovation. CPG companies can also hear the market response as soon as a product becomes available to consumers.

Watch our interview with 113 Industries Co-founder and President Anupam Singh to learn more.

How will your marketing improve?

Imagine how much time we could all save if the marketing messages we saw each day were actually relevant to us in that moment. Imagine how much more effective your company could be with that sort of marketing advantage. Imagine how your business could grow with better customer insights from IBM Watson Marketing.


IBM Watson Marketing helps clients create more meaningful marketing campaigns





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