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Introducing Ivy, your new cognitive hotel concierge

Traveling can be stressful. It often involves long lines at airport security, flight delays, traffic congestion, crowded trains and juggling luggage. When you finally get to your hotel, you want your stay to be comfortable and easy. I launched Go Moment in 2012 with the goal of helping guests get better service. To do so, […]

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Our journey to collaborative and cognitive computing

Canal Barge Company, Inc., is a midsize marine transportation company with a refreshing openness to new technologies. We’ve recently transitioned our email system to the cloud, deployed a cloud-based collaboration platform and started to explore cognitive computing, all with promising results. Canal Barge has offices up and down the Mississippi River with employees working in […]

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Vacation with IBM Watson and discover a whole new world

From the very beginning, my partners and I at Walk and Explore knew that artificial intelligence would help us create something totally different from what already existed in the travel marketplace. Travel can expose you to new and amazing experiences. Yet, despite the best laid plans, if you’re new to somewhere these experiences can be […]

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Don’t let the internet ruin your sunset

I helped online travel planning take off. Now I want to get it back on course. Here’s what happened: I started out as a travel agent, then went to American Airlines and spent 24 years in marketing and IT. When we saw the internet boom, we asked: “How can this help travel planning?” Great question. […]

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Empowered employees create happy passengers at TAV Airports

The most exciting part of my job as the CEO of TAV Airports is dealing with people, especially our passengers and employees. TAV operates 15 airports and delivers services such as duty-free shopping, upscale dining, entertainment and passenger lounge services and parking management to another 75 airports around the world. I constantly ask myself how […]

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Embrace employee feedback for smoother sailing: Four tips from Carnival

Improving operations with crew input — At Carnival Corporation, we recognize that the people who know the business best are often those on the front line, the ones directly engaging guests. For us, these are the crew members on our more than 100 ships serving 11 million guests annually. In other organizations, it could be […]

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The experiences travelers demand: The IBM Travel Experience Index

IBM Travel Experience Index shows new travel landscape — Travelers’ expectations are set by their last best experiences—whether or not they occurred with a travel provider. Travel industry executives should take note. This means customers are comparing their travel experiences with those of innovative, digitized companies outside of the travel industry, like Netflix, Spotify, Venmo […]

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Cognitive + Travel: Unpacking Millennial travel expectations

Cognitive + travel — WayBlazer is a startup company that answers the question “What can cognitive computing do for the travel industry?” The WayBlazer Travel Artificial Intelligence Engine takes traveler requests like “I want a kid-friendly hotel in Ireland with access to a great golf course,” then blends a custom cocktail of weighted hotel recommendations […]

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