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Hydro One reduces power outage duration with AI predictions

Written by Derek Roles | AI/Watson, Energy & Utilities, The Weather Company

Frequent severe weather events pose a challenge to the electricity industry. We not only deal with a higher number of outages, but they’re often more widespread than in the past. In addition, rising customer expectations mean that when major weather events do disrupt service, customers expect their power to be restored very quickly. Reactive storm more

Hyperlocal weather data helps keep rails ice-free and costs down

Written by Dan Plonk | Cloud, The Weather Company, Travel and Transportation

Depending on their length and load, freight trains can weigh thousands of tons. Few things can stop them, certainly not a few inches of rain. But as anyone in rail operations will tell you, all bets are off when that precipitation—even a relatively small amount—freezes. That’s because when it comes to running on time, frozen more

AI insights from Behr help consumers pick their paint palette

Written by Tanuja Singeetham | AI/Watson, Retail, The Weather Company

Behr Paint Company offers more than 3,000 colors in our paint collection. We find that consumers often get confused when it comes to picking the right color for their project. They’re overwhelmed with choice, causing a kind of analysis paralysis. Often, people don’t take on or complete a painting project because of their struggle to more

Converting weather forecasts into smart business decisions with AI

Written by Brandon Rude | AI/Watson, Cloud, Professional Services...

Few would doubt the idea that weather has a big impact on business. Think of how something as basic as holiday retail spending can be sharply influenced by a blizzard or frigid temperatures. While those kinds of big, macro effects are easy to understand, the real nature of the relationship between weather and business is more

How AI can minimize storm effects on the electrical grid

Written by Tony O'Hara | AI/Watson, Energy & Utilities, The Weather Company

Climate scientists believe we’re in for weather of increasing intensity—a situation that can severely challenge electric utilities. In order to minimize damage and quickly restore power after a storm, the industry must improve its ability to prepare for weather related outages. As an example of the impact, in January of 2017, my company, NB Power more

How data can help improve response to natural disasters

Written by Jaethan Reichel | AI/Watson, Government, Professional Services...

Each time there’s a natural disaster, we see the same scenario: Everyone from national government leaders and the military to the small-town mayor and scores of volunteers with big hearts and expertise come together to respond to the event. All those people, at every level, need to communicate, need to share information and need to more

Winning motorsports with help from high-tech AI for weather

Written by Derek Vaughan | AI/Watson, Media and Entertainment, The Weather Company

Weather is a critical factor in motorsports—it affects vehicle performance and shapes race strategy. While weather has always been a key consideration in racing, forecasts are now more accurate and detailed at the hyper-local level. When accurate, hyper-local forecasts are combined with data science and machine learning, race teams gain a definitive competitive advantage. After more

Air Canada flies high with boost from digital technology

Written by Steve Bogie and others | Analytics, The Weather Company, Travel and Transportation

When we ask our customers, “What makes Air Canada a great airline?” we hear that we’re reliable, consistent and trustworthy. We also hear that we have a great fleet and a wonderful staff, and that we really know our business. And because we really know our business, customers trust us. We love the fact that more

Flagship and IBM bring a new playbook to professional sports

Written by Mark Wyllie | Business Partner, Cloud, Media and Entertainment...

If you’re a sports fan, you’re exuberant when your team wins and miserable when it loses. That’s one reason sports executives work so hard to put a winner on the field. And in today’s connected world, they have an additional objective – to ensure that the fan experience is all that it can be. I more