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Engineering firm powers success with high-tech collaboration

If you’ve ever traveled in Europe or parts of Asia, you’ve likely experienced my company’s work. Vossing Engineers offers consulting, planning and project management services for building roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads and airports—all types of infrastructure for moving people place to place. Originally centered in Germany, we now have operations far afield in China, Qatar, […]

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How to improve social influencer marketing with AI technology

If you were a marketer, imagine the thrill of creating a commercial so compelling that your audience would skip through regular programming to get to it. That’s our goal at Influential. We’re in the business of helping brands, publishers and ad agencies create social media #ad and #sponsored posts that outperform organic content. We’ve achieved […]

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High-tech AI delivers new opportunities for athlete sponsorships

There was a time, believe it or not, when the biggest difference between mattresses was soft versus firm. Okay, maybe that’s oversimplifying a bit, but there’s no question that the market for sleep products is a very different ballgame today. One big factor—and it’s not altogether surprising—is that the mattress market has become a hotbed […]

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Base22: A blueprint for finding the value in information

The most exciting thing about my job is being able to work with a variety of companies across the world. I’ve worked in the automotive industry, in the logistics business, with pharmaceutical companies and with oil companies. And the one thing they all have in common is information overload. Extracting maximum value from information Large […]

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Furnas sparks employee collaboration with IBM Connections

It’s not easy to change a company’s working culture. But that’s exactly what the IBM Connections collaboration platform has done at Furnas Centrais Elétricas, which is one of the largest electric companies in Brazil. Creating collaborative communities with IBM Connections Before implementing IBM Connections, we had services such as knowledge management, chat and an email […]

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Global collaboration helps spark creativity and productivity

As the director of Digital and Mobile Strategy at Aleron (formerly Superior Group), a global workforce solutions firm, my focus is helping our employees around the world become as efficient, productive and creative as possible. Social collaboration has been essential to this effort. Although no two journeys to collaboration are the same, there are common […]

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Digital meeting platform brings Grupo Familia together

Grupo Familia is a company with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean that makes personal care and hygiene products to improve wellness in every stage of family life. We also believe in furthering the well being of our employees by fostering connections among people inside and outside the company. This can be difficult, however, […]

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Our journey to collaborative and cognitive computing

Canal Barge Company, Inc., is a midsize marine transportation company with a refreshing openness to new technologies. We’ve recently transitioned our email system to the cloud, deployed a cloud-based collaboration platform and started to explore cognitive computing, all with promising results. Canal Barge has offices up and down the Mississippi River with employees working in […]

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Empowered employees create happy passengers at TAV Airports

The most exciting part of my job as the CEO of TAV Airports is dealing with people, especially our passengers and employees. TAV operates 15 airports and delivers services such as duty-free shopping, upscale dining, entertainment and passenger lounge services and parking management to another 75 airports around the world. I constantly ask myself how […]

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