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Analytics and AI boost innovation for agriculture

Teaming up to create industry impact How much time, resources and money could farming industries save if they knew when and where the risk of pests was the highest and could take preventative methods before crop damage occurs? This is the kind of industry challenge we’re trying to tackle at the Hartree Centre, through our […]

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Advancing medical imaging research with deep learning

With the rise of connected healthcare, medical data is proliferating at an exponential rate. Sources such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, clinical trials, genetic sequencing, research studies and radiologic imaging all generate useful data, but the sheer volume has the potential to overwhelm physicians hoping to better serve their patients. Recent gains in computing […]

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Cognitive + trailblazing science at the NASA Langley Research Center

A search for opportunity One never knows the path that life will take and the opportunities that will arise. When my husband Damodar and I first came to the US in 1977, we were pursuing advanced degrees. At Georgia Tech, he earned a doctorate and I earned two master’s degrees. Damodar then began working for […]

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Pioneering climate change research with analytics

The University of Alberta Centre for Earth Observation Sciences (CEOS) is using advanced data analytics to better understand climate change in sensitive tropical forests. Dry tropical forests, such as can be found in Costa Rica, are some of the least monitored ecosystems in the world. There are 525 carbon flux sites worldwide, 25 of these […]

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Cognitive + Sports Science: World-class training for weekend athletes

Chasing the world’s fastest athletes — Brian Moore is relentless. Moore has spent 16 years using technology to dissect the magic that sets the world’s best athletes apart from the rest. As a leading PhD sports scientist in Ireland, Moore has worked with dozens of Olympic medalists and more than 1,500 NHL, MLB, PGA, British […]

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Four steps IBM Research uses to solve big problems

Moving trash, finding treasure — IBM is currently working with Nairobi City County on a pilot project to help manage and optimize a fleet of waste collection vehicles. To do so, IBM Research – Africa is creating a digital map of street conditions in Nairobi, one of the worlds’ fastest-growing cities. The data will be […]

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