Life Sciences

Analytics and AI boost innovation for agriculture

Written by Alison Kennedy | Analytics, Government, Life Sciences...

How much time, resources and money could farming industries save if they knew when and where the risk of pests was the highest and could take preventative methods before crop damage occurs? This is the kind of industry challenge we’re trying to tackle at the Hartree Centre, through our collaboration with IBM Research. The Hartree more

Big data helps prove the value of new medicines

Written by Eros Papademetriou | Analytics, Healthcare, Life Sciences

I love solving puzzles. I think that’s why my career has continually focused on some aspect of research. I love finding answers, but the process is exciting, too. Sometimes our clients come to us at SmartAnalyst with a vague but intriguing challenge. My job is to help them refine their questions and find the answers more

Can digital roadmaps offer higher quality patient care?

Written by Jean Drouin and Todd Gottula | Cloud, Healthcare, Life Sciences

If you or a loved one has ever had a serious medical condition, you’ve likely felt that our healthcare system can be quite fragmented, confusing, and at times frustrating. All too frequently, patients are forced to wait 45 to 90 minutes in a medical office, only to spend a few minutes with their clinician, who more

Community voices empower choice in health and social care

Written by Bernie Flaherty | AI/Watson, Healthcare, Life Sciences

The look on Robert’s* face told me he wasn’t impressed. I’d called a public forum for the London Borough of Harrow. I wanted to talk through a brilliant idea. It’s my job to help Borough residents find the social care services and healthcare they need. For residents with the most needs, the search for care more

How to feed future generations: Cognitive precision farming

Written by Kevin Lopez Alvarez | Agriculture, AI/Watson, Life Sciences

We’re running out of food. In about 30 years, the world will have more people than our farms can support. Right now we could feed everyone—if we could distribute all of the food we have. But that won’t be true by 2050, according to the Global Harvest Initiative and other sources. We can’t farm much more

Breaking barriers to aging adult care with SimpleC cognitive platform applications

Written by Dan Pompilio | AI/Watson, Healthcare, Life Sciences...

When your parents can’t care for themselves anymore, it’s hard to decide what to do. But it’s a decision that some have to make. I was very close to my parents. I spoke to my dad every day. I said I was calling with updates, but I often wanted advice. I cherished his love and more