Analytics and AI boost innovation for agriculture

Written by Alison Kennedy | Analytics, Government, Life Sciences...

How much time, resources and money could farming industries save if they knew when and where the risk of pests was the highest and could take preventative methods before crop damage occurs? This is the kind of industry challenge we’re trying to tackle at the Hartree Centre, through our collaboration with IBM Research. The Hartree more

Citizens benefit from intelligent automation and self-service

Written by Vivek Sawhney | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Government

No one likes to stand in long lines and enter the same information many different times. Unfortunately, that’s what our citizens often face when applying for government health and human services programs. IT systems at many agencies are out of date, typically 20 to 30 years old, and they usually don’t offer citizens the ability more

Improving people’s lives through digital transformation

Written by Reinhard Brandl | AI/Watson, Developer, Government

As a member of the German Bundestag, I often speak about how government can improve people’s lives through digital transformation. Unfortunately, talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence in general has a tendency to put people to sleep! Everyone has a computer and a smartphone, what else is there to say? I’ve more

Transforming Europe’s largest port into a digital service

Written by Paul Smits | AI/Watson, Government, Travel and Transportation

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport. In existence since the 13th Century in a shallow delta at the intersection of Germany, France, the Netherlands and the North Sea, the port has grown to handle more than 461 million tons of cargo annually carried by more than 130,000 vessels. There’s more to the story more

IBM Watson Care Manager helps court better serve youth

Written by Anthony Capizzi and Tricia Lucido | AI/Watson, Government, Social Service

Note:  This is part one of a two-part series on IBM Watson Care Manager for specialty courts. Our goal at the Juvenile Court of Montgomery County, Ohio, is to keep kids alive until they’re old enough to make decisions on their own. We feel as if almost every child is directly or indirectly at risk more

Here comes the judge … with IBM Watson?

Written by David Certo | AI/Watson, Government, Healthcare

As presiding judge at the Indianapolis Veterans Court, it’s my privilege to assist veterans whose conduct has violated community standards in some way. I always want to know the reason they are before me so we can help them get to a better place. The goal is to keep the promise that we as a more

Danish startup to the rescue with natural disaster communications solution

Written by Pernille Skjødt | Analytics, Cloud, Government...

In the critical 72 hours following a natural disaster, the survival of entire communities can rely upon quick help from outsiders. As soon as an earthquake, hurricane or typhoon hits, the clock starts counting. Relief coordinators must take immediate action to save as many lives as they can. But, when communication networks are down or more