Financial Markets

Cloud-native core banking technology accelerates innovation

Written by Travers Clarke-Walker | Banking, Cloud, Financial Markets

The financial services industry is critically important to everyone, but I believe it is broadly underserving its customers because of a lack of innovation. When we look at how companies have innovated and blurred the lines in and between other industries to create services that customers demand—such as Netflix in the media industry with its more

Nordea drives prosperity with a blockchain trading solution

Written by Patrik Zekkar | Banking, Blockchain, Financial Markets...

Nordea drives prosperity with a blockchain trading solution by Patrik Zekkar originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse At Nordea Bank, digital innovation means becoming more relevant to our customers. We’ve made good progress in this as a founding partner of the trade finance consortium. Powered by blockchain technology, connects buyers and sellers in a trusted, efficient digital ecosystem that streamlines trade across more

GMEX: Riding the second wave of blockchain technology

Written by Hirander Misra | Banking, Blockchain, Financial Markets

The financial services industry is in a state of flux. We’re already moving into the second generation of blockchain, which is more exciting than the first. The first phase was very decentralized, with participants on disparate blockchains, whether permissioned or public, and none of them were talking to each other. The second wave will bring more

Enabling supercharged growth with automation and analytics

Written by John Furlong | Analytics, Energy & Utilities, Financial Markets

Adding people—aka human capital—is a big part of growing a business, not least because a larger talent pool makes it possible to take on more clients. But there are limits to upstaffing, especially when a big portion of your staff is engaged in sweeping, complex tasks: large-scale data gathering, reporting and financial transactions. At some more

How to outsmart crypto thieves with blockchain-based security

Written by Jay Baek | Banking, Blockchain, Financial Markets

How to outsmart crypto thieves with blockchain-based security by Jay Baek originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse.   Over the past several years, digital intruders have stolen millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency. Some crypto exchanges have been hit multiple times; some even went bankrupt. Last year’s series of record-setting hacks seems to indicate that crypto exchanges have a long way to go when it more

Blockchain solutions make financial services fairer, faster

Written by Sean Bennett | Banking, Blockchain, Financial Markets

Blockchain solutions make financial services fairer, faster by Sean Bennett originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse. My company, Stronghold, is a financial services provider of native blockchain solutions. When my co-founder and I saw the rise of blockchain platforms, we felt that most were focused heavily on the technology and too far removed from real-world use more

How financial services can see gains with blockchain

Written by Mao Qianghua | Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud...

For banks and other financial enterprises, collaborative solutions are essential to digital transformation. Yet such firms are often caught in the “prisoner’s dilemma,” meaning they fail to cooperate even when it would be beneficial. The concept stems from the lack of trust between two prisoners being questioned separately by the police: because they distrust each more

How blockchain can build trust in the financial ecosystem

Written by Michal Piechocki | Blockchain, Financial Markets

Having grown up in a formerly communist country, I have seen how the whole society suffered from a lack of trust—of each other and especially of the authorities. I now see that same lack of trust within the financial services sector between users, authorities and other stakeholders. And I think technology can also disrupt trust. more

How high-tech blockchain is changing the payments world

Written by Vladimir Lounegov | Banking, Blockchain, Computer Services...

Whether a financial institution is a universal bank offering a broad array of products and services or a niche digital startup, the basic challenges are the same: providing cybersecurity, reducing compliance costs and speeding time to market of new products and services. We at Mbanq know this because we provide a digital banking SaaS platform more