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Technology links energy consumers to 24×7 instant customer service

Written by Jens Michael Peters | AI/Watson, Cloud, Energy & Utilities...

eprimo is one of Germany’s top electricity and natural gas suppliers. As a winner of many awards, we focus on what we do well—offering excellent prices and delivering a great customer experience. Which is why we’re committed to using advanced technology to meet the needs of today’s connected consumers. In the recent past, we interacted more

Enabling supercharged growth with automation and analytics

Written by John Furlong | Analytics, Energy & Utilities, Financial Markets

Adding people—aka human capital—is a big part of growing a business, not least because a larger talent pool makes it possible to take on more clients. But there are limits to upstaffing, especially when a big portion of your staff is engaged in sweeping, complex tasks: large-scale data gathering, reporting and financial transactions. At some more

Hydro One reduces power outage duration with AI predictions

Written by Derek Roles | AI/Watson, Energy & Utilities, The Weather Company

Frequent severe weather events pose a challenge to the electricity industry. We not only deal with a higher number of outages, but they’re often more widespread than in the past. In addition, rising customer expectations mean that when major weather events do disrupt service, customers expect their power to be restored very quickly. Reactive storm more

How blockchain delivers security and trust to startups

Written by Ron Argent | Blockchain, Business Partner, Cloud...

How blockchain delivers security and trust to startups by Ron Argent originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse   Anyone who knows the challenges of making a startup succeed knows that just having a great idea—even a potentially world-changing idea—is no guarantee of success. I founded Cognition Foundry in 2015 to help deserving startups bridge the gaps more

Want to reduce ocean pollution? Blockchain is paving the way

Written by Shaun Frankson | Blockchain, Cloud, Computer Services...

Want to reduce ocean pollution? Blockchain is paving the way by Shaun Frankson originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse   Every year, about 8 million metric tons of plastics go into the oceans. It’s not a new problem, but recent stunning revelations—like the existence of a huge floating cluster of trash known widely as the “Great more

How blockchain technology can help improve everyday life

Written by Oscar Roque | Blockchain, Energy & Utilities, Financial Markets...

At Interac Corp., a leading provider of payment services in Canada, we’ve discovered that blockchain for business can improve everyday life. Consider that blockchain’s promise lies in its ability to weave together networks of previously independent people, organizations and industries to create new value chains. These can help to transform business models, deliver new customer more

How blockchain helps spark innovation for energy grids

Written by Vikram Singh | Blockchain, Energy & Utilities, IBM Services

Electric utilities are in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime business model transformation. To capitalize on energy technologies that give customers new choices and change the structure of the electrical grid, utilities must adapt to a new reality. We at Alectra Utilities Corp., a utility serving one million homes and businesses outside of Toronto in Ontario, more

How AI can minimize storm effects on the electrical grid

Written by Tony O'Hara | AI/Watson, Energy & Utilities, The Weather Company

Climate scientists believe we’re in for weather of increasing intensity—a situation that can severely challenge electric utilities. In order to minimize damage and quickly restore power after a storm, the industry must improve its ability to prepare for weather related outages. As an example of the impact, in January of 2017, my company, NB Power more

WaterBot: How to know if your water is safe to drink

Written by Chris Richter | AI/Watson, Blockchain, Energy & Utilities...

How can you tell if your water is safe to drink? Most Americans worry about their drinking water, with good reason. News reports regularly expose high levels of PFCs, PFASs and other contaminants found around the nation. In 2014, we heard that the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, was discolored with dangerous contamination. Over the more