How to create powerful customer service with digital humans

I think one of the big challenges for AI is public perception. People think it’s much more advanced than it really is. There’s also a common fear of AI—that it will take our jobs, make human beings redundant and somehow rule over us. In my view, I just don’t see this happening. AI augments human […]

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Panasonic innovates to help businesses delight customers

Providing a great guest experience drives the hospitality, travel and entertainment industries. Poor experiences affect brand loyalty and image and decrease guests’ likelihood to return to the venue, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, theme park or stadium. Panasonic teamed with IBM to build the Digital Concierge Platform using IBM Watson technology on the IBM Cloud […]

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Elio With Watson: Transforming customer support at NetApp

NetApp is leading a digital customer experience transformation by changing the way customers interact with the company. Our goal is to assist customers anytime via any channel. And we must respond quickly and accurately with minimal effort on their part. Typical customer support: a missed opportunity for customer connection Today, too many companies only think […]

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Bragi uses Watson IoT to deliver computing power to the ears

My company, Bragi, is the inventor and producer of the world’s first “hearable” microcomputers. You’ve probably heard about wearable tech or “wearables,” but what if you had always-on access to the tech you need right in your ears? That would be a hearable. By tapping into the cognitive power of IBM Watson Internet of Things […]

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Whirlpool Corporation: Why not move everything to the cloud?

When I buy kitchen appliances, I want them to work flawlessly. I want the refrigerator to keep things cold, the oven to cook food evenly and the dishwasher to get my glasses spotless. And I want all of them to stand up to years of daily use. I hope that the manufacturer is so focused […]

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