How AI is helping to transform education in Japan

A fourth-grade science class is just beginning. Students are settling into their seats as the teacher poses a question: Why does a heated aluminum can collapse when it is rapidly cooled? Instead of consulting a textbook or listening to a lecture, students are assigned to one of three experiments. One experiment involves cooling a bag […]

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Advancing medical imaging research with deep learning

With the rise of connected healthcare, medical data is proliferating at an exponential rate. Sources such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, clinical trials, genetic sequencing, research studies and radiologic imaging all generate useful data, but the sheer volume has the potential to overwhelm physicians hoping to better serve their patients. Recent gains in computing […]

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Interns unlock real-world business value with high-tech AI skill

Interns unlock real-world business value with high-tech AI skill When you think of a student internship, what comes to mind? Ordering office supplies? Managing social media? How about using artificial intelligence to solve an organization’s toughest challenges? In fact, some of our students at Southern Connecticut State University are using advanced analytics to mine data […]

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The surprising truth about student achievement

What’s the secret to a successful college career? At the Office of Assessment and Planning at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), it’s our job to find out. What we discovered may surprise you. Studying the data We’ve been collecting student data for many years—running longitudinal cohort studies on every class since 2007. That data includes […]

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Advancing academic and industry research with Watson AI

Students at the University of South Carolina’s College of Engineering and Computing are some of the best in the country, and even the world. As dean of the college, I think it’s critical for the university to support them by providing the richest and most advanced research opportunities possible. Our deep partnerships and long-term research […]

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Can smart facilities management help slow tuition increases?

If you walk around a university like ours, one of the really cool things you see is how our facilities management people are woven into the buzz of student activity all around campus. It’s refreshing because it shows that students are aware that things like heat, air conditioning and lighting – things they can easily […]

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USC Marshall: Teaching the art of virtual team collaboration

Preparing business students for online teamwork When one of our business school graduates lands his or her dream job, I can’t help but smile. At the University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business, we take immense pride in our graduates’ achievements. However, our own success in evolving the USC Marshall curriculum to boost […]

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Cognitive + Education: Pre-K through pay

New technologies are changing the face and future of education. As we shared last week, IBM is working with Sesame Workshop to evaluate how best to bring personalized learning to young children. Truth is, a number of our clients are working tirelessly to bring technology advances to the world of education at all levels. The […]

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Cognitive + Education: Changing the future of back to school

Viewing education through a cognitive computing lens­­­ — As we enter the Cognitive Era, it’s natural to ask “How can cognitive technology improve our daily lives?” The IBM Center for Applied Insights focused a cognitive computing lens on education in particular, and produced a white paper called The future of personalised education. The paper recognizes […]

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