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Blockchain brings visibility to the finished vehicle supply chain

Written by Jon Kuiper | Automotive, Blockchain, Consumer Products

Blockchain brings visibility to the finished vehicle supply chain by Jon Kuiper originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse   Anyone who has ever purchased a book on Amazon knows it’s possible to track every step of its journey to the doorstep. In Europe, where it’s increasingly common for people to custom order cars from manufacturers, customers more

How to increase loyalty with tech-smart consumers

Written by Giuseppe Cunetta | AI/Watson, Consumer Products, Electronics...

Digital transformation is sweeping the retail industry. It’s especially evident in B2C marketing, where we must rethink our processes and refresh our technology to become relevant to today’s tech-smart consumers. At MediaWorld, Italy’s largest retailer of consumer electronics, we’re transforming by putting customer data at the center of marketing operations. Whereas before our marketing was more

How AI technology helps to boost the customer experience

Written by Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry and Samuel Irvine Casey | AI/Watson, Cloud, Consumer Products...

Companies use all kinds of tools to find out what customers think about their products and services so they can improve the overall customer experience (CX). They mine data from social media, conduct focus groups and surveys, and collect feedback from customer service reps. Eventually, all this information can reveal what customers are thinking and more

High-tech AI empowers people with better language translations

Written by Danny May | AI/Watson, Consumer Products, Professional Services

While on a business trip to China, my passport was stolen. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I approached a policeman for help. The poor performance of the translation app I downloaded led to the policeman going for his gun and my colleague running away in fear. Instead of saying “hello, how are you”, more

Gaining time-to-market edge with new 3D design technology

Written by Wim Vantomme | AI/Watson, Consumer Products, Retail

The furniture-buying experience is constantly changing. We used to present customers with a static physical or online catalog, with pictures and descriptions. Today, even the best catalogs and the most fully stocked showrooms aren’t sufficient enough to keep up with the growing and changing expectations of consumers. Try before you buy We’re dealing with a more

Base22: A blueprint for finding the value in information

Written by Ben Shoemate | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Consumer Products...

The most exciting thing about my job is being able to work with a variety of companies across the world. I’ve worked in the automotive industry, in the logistics business, with pharmaceutical companies and with oil companies. And the one thing they all have in common is information overload. Extracting maximum value from information Large more

The biggest revolution in video viewing since cable TV

Written by Field Garthwaite | AI/Watson, Consumer Products, Media and Entertainment

At IRIS.TV we’re using machine learning to enable the biggest transformation of how people watch video since the evolution of cable television. I know that’s a bold claim. But let me show you why we believe it. For decades, succeeding in the biggest media business in the world – television – came down to having more

Digital meeting platform brings Grupo Familia together

Written by Carolina Ochoa | Cloud, Consumer Products, Social Business

Grupo Familia is a company with operations in Latin America and the Caribbean that makes personal care and hygiene products to improve wellness in every stage of family life. We also believe in furthering the well being of our employees by fostering connections among people inside and outside the company. This can be difficult, however, more

Whirlpool Corporation: Why not move everything to the cloud?

Written by J. Michael Berendsen | Cloud, Consumer Products, Electronics

When I buy kitchen appliances, I want them to work flawlessly. I want the refrigerator to keep things cold, the oven to cook food evenly and the dishwasher to get my glasses spotless. And I want all of them to stand up to years of daily use. I hope that the manufacturer is so focused more