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How AI technology can help make city life easier for all

My company, Shimizu Corp., has long followed the management principles of Shibusawa Eiichi, who held that economic activity and morality are inseparable. This harmony can be seen in the experimental system we developed with IBM Research to help people, including those who are disabled, enjoy barrier-free urban exploration through voice navigation on their iPhones. We […]

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Engineering firm powers success with high-tech collaboration

If you’ve ever traveled in Europe or parts of Asia, you’ve likely experienced my company’s work. Vossing Engineers offers consulting, planning and project management services for building roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads and airports—all types of infrastructure for moving people place to place. Originally centered in Germany, we now have operations far afield in China, Qatar, […]

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IBM Watson whispers, world record breaks

I’m proud of the recent run of the SilverHook powerboat between Key West and Cuba not only because our team broke the world record, but also because we are transforming the sport of offshore powerboat racing. A key factor is data-driven artificial intelligence. Not only does collecting and analyzing live data help us drive the […]

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Three ways to beat a global industry crash

Who are we? Consolidated Contractors Company. We’re one of the largest construction company in the Middle East, carrying out construction, engineering, procurement, development and investment activities in more than 40 countries, with more than 16,500 pieces of equipment. What was our challenge? After a global boom, we were hit by a construction industry crash in […]

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Differentiation in five steps from Mueller Inc.

Mother Nature and extreme weather conditions across the central and southwest U.S. keep us busy at Mueller Inc. As a manufacturer of steel buildings and metal roofs, we’re in business to keep people and property a little safer as they contend with tornadoes and extreme hail. At Mueller, we’re committed to technology; it’s a foundational […]

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Social collaboration helps Arendal retain, grow company knowledge

Challenges to maintaining and sharing company knowledge Arendal specializes in complex infrastructure construction. Every single project is different and there’s a lot of expertise demanded by our business. We serve customers in the oil, gas and water transportation industries in Mexico and throughout South America with a core staff of approximately 7,000 people. We have […]

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