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Can travel be revolutionized with blockchain technology?

Written by Matthias Felder and Moritz von Bonin | Blockchain, Computer Services, Travel and Transportation

Twenty-five or 30 years ago, traveling from one end of Germany to the other meant paper tickets and separate fares. For example, you had to buy one ticket for the train at the station, then a metro ticket to ride the U-Bahn subway in the city and finally you had to pay the fare to more

How cloud technology helps offer breakthrough system access

Written by David Selby | Cloud, Computer Services, Industrial Products

What do you know about industrial control systems? These control systems are the nerve center of almost every operation, from mining, refining, oil and gas to waste water systems. The seemingly simple job of maintaining a specific temperature in a refinery distillation column requires a complex system that knows the position and status of every more

High-tech AI helps make digital humans for social good

Written by Greg Cross | AI/Watson, Analytics, Computer Services...

Artificial intelligence has received an extraordinary amount of hype from the media. Hollywood in particular has pushed a dystopian view—it’s science fiction that has an awful lot of fiction in the science. We are heading into an era where we’ll be increasingly interfacing with artificial intelligence—as robots, machines, drones, self-driving cars, chatbots, etc. And because more

Revolutionizing ERP with AI high-tech solutions

Written by Mauricio Felgueiras | AI/Watson, Cloud, Computer Services...

As the president and founder of MXM Sistemas, one of the top providers of enterprise resource management (ERP) software in Brazil, let me make a statement that may surprise you: we have reached the end of the ERP era. I say this only partly in jest because by adding artificial intelligence (AI) to ERP, it more

Turning startup innovation and passion into business success

Written by Ron Argent | Business Partner, Computer Services, Energy & Utilities...

Taking a good idea and transforming it into a thriving business is not swift or easy. Roughly 90 percent of startups fail. In 2015, I established Cognition Foundry with the aim of helping talented, skilled people with innovative ideas better navigate this transformation. We primarily work with startups and independent software vendors (ISVs) moving their more

BlueChasm: Solving problems in new ways with Watson APIs

Written by Robert Rios | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Computer Services...

I love my job. Every day presents a new challenge, and with it, innovative solutions. As a Software Developer at BlueChasm, I work on building enterprise solutions that harness the power of IBM’s AI technologies to revolutionize the way that our clients run their businesses. BlueChasm is a digital development company that works on building more

Chatbots help bridge the context gap in customer service

Written by Matt Wilbanks | AI/Watson, Computer Services, Developer

Meet Nadine. Nadine finds unexpected charges on her phone bill and, boy, is she frustrated. The same thing happened last month, and she had to speak with three different agents before the problem finally went away. Now that it’s back, Nadine is considering a switch to another provider. She even tweets about it, complaining to more