Gliding Eagle’s global trade vision soars with IBM Blockchain

My dream has been to run a company that has a positive impact on the world. At Gliding Eagle, Inc. we’re doing just that. We launched Gliding Eagle in 2010 to help balance our trade between the United States and China. Our company has built a direct and transparent international distribution system from American producers […]

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Cognitive + Marketing: Three ways to better engage consumers

I receive more than 100 promotional emails every day. As a result, I delete nearly all of them, only keeping those sharing a well-timed sale or a catchy headline. This is in addition to the ads that pop up when I’m surfing online or checking social media. There’s a constant demand to spend more time, […]

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Cognitive concierge helps 1-800-Flowers simplify gifting

Mother’s Day can be stressful. What’s the perfect gift for my mom, wife, and sister? What’s she expecting and how can I best show her she’s appreciated? As a young kid, it was simple. I would draw or create artwork for my mom. Maybe I’d write her a card. As I’ve gotten older, my default […]

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