Cloud-native core banking technology accelerates innovation

Written by Travers Clarke-Walker | Banking, Cloud, Financial Markets

The financial services industry is critically important to everyone, but I believe it is broadly underserving its customers because of a lack of innovation. When we look at how companies have innovated and blurred the lines in and between other industries to create services that customers demand—such as Netflix in the media industry with its more

Technology links energy consumers to 24×7 instant customer service

Written by Jens Michael Peters | AI/Watson, Cloud, Energy & Utilities...

eprimo is one of Germany’s top electricity and natural gas suppliers. As a winner of many awards, we focus on what we do well—offering excellent prices and delivering a great customer experience. Which is why we’re committed to using advanced technology to meet the needs of today’s connected consumers. In the recent past, we interacted more

The future of work involves disruption. AI illuminates how to prepare

Written by Nicholas Sutcliffe | AI/Watson, Cloud, Professional Services

What is the future of global business in the digital age? That’s our focus at The Conference Board, a nonprofit member driven think tank. We collaborate with enterprise executives around the world to answer such questions so they can better serve society. Our research tells us that new digital technologies will disrupt the structure of more

AI voice services: Productivity, safety, and compliance for the mobile workforce

Written by Jesse Robbins | AI/Watson, Cloud, Telecommunications

Enterprise voice services that include push-to-talk (PTT) are useful in industries that require 24/7 communications among colleagues, teams and partners. But what if AI were integrated with PTT voice? Orion brings those solutions together by embedding IBM Watson services in its enterprise voice solutions for the mobile workforce. Watson enables Orion users to access and more

Data sharing drives new service innovation in Japan’s travel sector

Written by Daisuke Yamamoto | Cloud, Computer Services, Travel and Transportation

There are many factors affecting the railway transportation business in Japan. One of the most important trends shaping the future of the industry are broader, fundamental changes in the way travelers in Japan get from one place to the other. We at JR West, the third largest rail transport network in Japan, have closely observed more

Hyperlocal weather data helps keep rails ice-free and costs down

Written by Dan Plonk | Cloud, The Weather Company, Travel and Transportation

Depending on their length and load, freight trains can weigh thousands of tons. Few things can stop them, certainly not a few inches of rain. But as anyone in rail operations will tell you, all bets are off when that precipitation—even a relatively small amount—freezes. That’s because when it comes to running on time, frozen more

How blockchain delivers security and trust to startups

Written by Ron Argent | Blockchain, Business Partner, Cloud...

How blockchain delivers security and trust to startups by Ron Argent originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse   Anyone who knows the challenges of making a startup succeed knows that just having a great idea—even a potentially world-changing idea—is no guarantee of success. I founded Cognition Foundry in 2015 to help deserving startups bridge the gaps more

AI text analytics: helping brands create content people want to see

Written by Sobhan Daliry | AI/Watson, Cloud, IBM Garage...

For close to 20 years, we at NZN have published special-interest websites. They are quite popular. Some 25 million people, or 20 percent of Brazil’s online users, visit them each month. Still, today we’re transforming NZN from Internet publishing into a provider of content production services. Instead of just taking advertising, we aim to empower more

Want to reduce ocean pollution? Blockchain is paving the way

Written by Shaun Frankson | Blockchain, Cloud, Computer Services...

Want to reduce ocean pollution? Blockchain is paving the way by Shaun Frankson originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse   Every year, about 8 million metric tons of plastics go into the oceans. It’s not a new problem, but recent stunning revelations—like the existence of a huge floating cluster of trash known widely as the “Great more