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How blockchain delivers security and trust to startups

Written by Ron Argent | Blockchain, Business Partner, Cloud...

How blockchain delivers security and trust to startups by Ron Argent originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse   Anyone who knows the challenges of making a startup succeed knows that just having a great idea—even a potentially world-changing idea—is no guarantee of success. I founded Cognition Foundry in 2015 to help deserving startups bridge the gaps more

AI brings next-gen solutions to solve today’s real problems

Written by Ed Evans | AI/Watson, Analytics, Business Partner...

We’re all familiar with Hollywood’s sensational portrayal of artificial intelligence as machines taking over the world. But AI today is about practical solutions to real problems in many industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, finance and even ocean powerboat racing. That’s why, five years ago, we at DataSkill bet the company on AI. We did it because more

Crowdfunding and high-tech partnerships boost startup dreams

Written by Slava Rubin | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Watson IoT

What if there was a market that sold brilliant ideas? Back in 2006, my co-founders and I imagined a place where people could buy into the most inspiring ideas. It could help the best ideas get the best funding. It could bring more democracy to entrepreneurship, so that opportunity became a matter of what—not who—you more

Weather data sparks retail innovation to help bottom line

Written by Erik Haas | Analytics, Business Partner, Cloud...

At Bison Schweiz AG, we’re constantly reinventing our products to meet the changing needs of our retail customers. When we saw the opportunity to integrate weather data into our electronic store label (ESL) solution, Bison ESL Manager, we jumped at the chance. What does weather have to do with retail? Any gardening store manager can more

Flagship and IBM bring a new playbook to professional sports

Written by Mark Wyllie | Business Partner, Cloud, Media and Entertainment...

If you’re a sports fan, you’re exuberant when your team wins and miserable when it loses. That’s one reason sports executives work so hard to put a winner on the field. And in today’s connected world, they have an additional objective – to ensure that the fan experience is all that it can be. I more

Coalesce makes AI easy and fast for business

Written by Greg Woolf | AI/Watson, Analytics, Business Partner...

Why Watson? Well there’s a funny story there. I’m a technophile. My family avidly watched the Jeopardy! contest with IBM Watson years ago—my son and I were rooting for the computer and my daughter was rooting for the human. My son was 14 and very much into science and technology—a good computer geek, if you more

Turning startup innovation and passion into business success

Written by Ron Argent | Business Partner, Computer Services, Energy & Utilities...

Taking a good idea and transforming it into a thriving business is not swift or easy. Roughly 90 percent of startups fail. In 2015, I established Cognition Foundry with the aim of helping talented, skilled people with innovative ideas better navigate this transformation. We primarily work with startups and independent software vendors (ISVs) moving their more

Base22: A blueprint for finding the value in information

Written by Ben Shoemate | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Consumer Products...

The most exciting thing about my job is being able to work with a variety of companies across the world. I’ve worked in the automotive industry, in the logistics business, with pharmaceutical companies and with oil companies. And the one thing they all have in common is information overload. Extracting maximum value from information Large more

AI plus Social = Learning what customers want

Written by Javier Burón | AI/Watson, Business Partner, Retail

Companies are always trying to get inside their customers’ heads. They ask: What will they buy? Why will they buy it? And how do I get them to buy my products instead of my competitors’? Marketers have used evolving forms of market research and demographic customer segmentation and analysis for many years. But you can’t more