Blockchain brings visibility to the finished vehicle supply chain

Written by Jon Kuiper | Automotive, Blockchain, Consumer Products

Blockchain brings visibility to the finished vehicle supply chain by Jon Kuiper originally appeared on Blockchain Pulse   Anyone who has ever purchased a book on Amazon knows it’s possible to track every step of its journey to the doorstep. In Europe, where it’s increasingly common for people to custom order cars from manufacturers, customers more

Automotive design problems? AI helps find solutions

Written by Yoichiro Komatsu | AI/Watson, Automotive, IBM Garage

Today’s automobile development process is highly complicated. In the past, vehicles were just a combination of mechanical pieces. Now, automobiles are a multi-faceted combination of mechanical parts, electronics and in-vehicle software. As automotive designers, Honda R&D must continuously adapt our development processes to handle these complexities. Many design problems actually occur early in the development more

High-tech blockchain paves the way for cars to pay

Written by Jim Gross | Automotive, Blockchain, Travel and Transportation

Self-driving cars are the future of transportation. That much is certain. But what’s not certain is how the surrounding infrastructure—roads, charging stations, parking lots, insurance, etc.—will adapt. When a driverless vehicle needs to recharge its battery, use a toll road or park, who will pay? And how will the transaction occur? These are the kinds more

Local Motors steers the future of cognitive, self-driving vehicles

Written by Hugh Palmer | AI/Watson, Automotive, Internet of Things (IoT)

A few years ago, I had an experience traveling through the Washington, D.C. area with my father, who is in a wheelchair. He continually asked me about where we were and what was going on. I could sense that he was nervous about being in a wheelchair in an unfamiliar environment. I knew that I more

Daimler Trucks North America puts developers in driver’s seat

Written by Nick Wylde | Automotive, Developer, Middleware

As the DevOps guy at Daimler Trucks North America, my vision is to align our IT organization to meet ever increasing application demand from the business. At the same time, my goal in life is to make my people’s lives easier without sacrificing quality, all while improving program speed! Replacing an unsustainable deployment model My more