Matt Young

Cognitive + Education: Pre-K through pay

New technologies are changing the face and future of education. As we shared last week, IBM is working with Sesame Workshop to evaluate how best to bring personalized learning to young children. Truth is, a number of our clients are working tirelessly to bring technology advances to the world of education at all levels. The […]

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Hard Rock Stadium makes fans the winners

Hard Rock Stadium (formerly Sun Life Stadium), a 65,326-seat stadium in the heart of Miami, Florida, is the home of the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami football team, Orange Bowl and Super Bowl LIV. It also features international soccer and a host of world-class events. What many people might not realize about Hard Rock Stadium, […]

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Sharing client stories of business transformation

As humans, we all have a love for stories ingrained into us from an early age. And as we grow and mature, stories continue to engage us, amuse us, teach us. It’s no different in business. We still want to hear how the hero prevails; but in professional life the protagonist is typically an industry […]

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