AI plus Social = Learning what customers want

Companies are always trying to get inside their customers’ heads. They ask: What will they buy? Why will they buy it? And how do I get them to buy my products instead of my competitors’?

Marketers have used evolving forms of market research and demographic customer segmentation and analysis for many years. But you can’t use a focus group to find out what someone wants to buy right now. And if you ignore the influence of social media on buying behavior, you’re going to become irrelevant pretty fast.

At Audiense we’re harnessing the power of IBM Watson AI to help our clients better understand and reach their target customers. Only AI has the ability to generate insights from billions of relationships, engagements and tweets a day. Only AI can scour through other social media channels to capture trends in real time so our clients can stay on top of their customers’ changing affinities.

Knowing the customer

Let’s say I’m the chief marketing officer of a clothing company launching a new line of jeans in the UK. I want to know if my skinny line of jeans will sell in London, or whether I should market them more aggressively to another market in Britain.

Audiense can use its Audience Insights tool, powered by Watson, to help me learn more about my customers’ personalities and affinities. I might find out that my target audience in London prefers more conservative jeans, while people in northern cities are clamoring for a new skinny jean.

Learn how to delight your retail customers

With those insights I can tailor my marketing to those northern cities. I might even create another line for the London crowd. Social media insight can help me track changes in customer affinities in real time, so I can spend my marketing money more wisely.

Enhancing the customer conversation

AI is already changing how companies learn about their customers. I believe the technology is also going to disrupt how the top brands talk to their customers. Most companies have some kind of targeted marketing strategy based on demographic customer segmentation. But AI allows real personalization.

Social media is already a part of this new conversation with customers. AI insights can tell a brand how their customers use social media. Those insights also reveal what their audience is saying about them, as they say it.

Insights from Watson can help brands connect with their customers’ personalities and affinities to create one-to-one conversations. The most exciting thing for me is helping customers see how Watson can help them direct that social conversation so they can ultimately personalize each interaction with their customers.

Learn more about how Audiense uses its partnership with IBM Watson to better understand any audience on a deeper level to predict consumer behavior, optimize content and streamline media targeting by watching the video interview below with Javier Burón.