Women in Technology

Celebrating Women in Engineering and Technology

Register today for the 2017 Global Marathon – a free, virtual event focused on women in engineering and technology. The event takes place this Wednesday and Thursday, March 8 & 9, and will be a unique opportunity women (and girls) in STEM to connect, learn and be inspired by others around the world. The IBM International Foundation […]

Teaching Girls About Careers in Cyber Security

From CEOs and government leaders, to families and individuals concerned about privacy, identity theft and fraud, it’s safe to say that everyone who lives or works in the digital world is concerned about cyber security. That’s why the cyber security industry is growing faster than the ability of the labor force to fill it – […]

Making a Difference, Not Just a Living

If you know IBM, the scope and depth of the initiatives detailed in our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report will not surprise you. IBM undertakes actions at scale, and because corporate responsibility is fully integrated with our overall business strategy, our CSR programs are global in reach as they seek to enable fundamental transformations of societal […]

IBM P-TECH: Redefining Possibilities for a New Generation

Last June, we were proud to welcome our first six early P-TECH graduates to the ranks of educated men and women prepared for success in both the workplace and in higher education. Today, we are proud to announce that 32 more have joined their ranks – bringing to 38 the number of P-TECH scholars who […]

A Diploma, a Degree, and a Job Offer from IBM: One P-TECH Student’s Experience

I was born in Trinidad and began my life in America at the age of two. Like many families, my parents came to New York seeking the American Dream and a better future for me and my sisters. After our arrival, my family moved around a bit until we finally settled in a part of […]

World Community Grid Volunteers Help Power New Tuberculosis Research

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a major global killer. More than 1.5 million people, including 140,000 children, died from the disease in 2014 – a year in which 9.6 million new cases (more than 1 million of them children) were diagnosed. The World Health Organization has declared TB to be the world’s deadliest infectious disease, along with […]

Global Marathon: Empowering Women and Girls in STEM

It may not always feel like it, but there has never been a better time for women to pursue STEM careers, and for girls to set STEM careers in their lifetime goals. For girls, I use the term “set” instead of “include” because so many girls who are building their skills in math and science […]

Data Science for a Better World

  IBM Fellow Saska Mojsilovic, Ph.D., led the creation of the Ebola Open Data Jam in 2014. A community effort which helped to identify, inventory and classify all open data sources related to the Ebola outbreak, it provided governments, aid agencies and researchers with free and open access to valuable open data related to Ebola. […]

My Interview with IBM Executive Maria Winans

A huge part of growing is calculating risks and making decisions. It is true in business; taking calculated risks is vital to a company’s success. Big or small, startup or a 104-year-old global business, companies that take risks continue to innovate, grow their business and better the world. And for personal growth, risk-taking is also […]

A Profile in Corporate Citizenship

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has just bestowed its “Best Corporate Steward” award for large business – the Citizens Award – on IBM. The Chamber Foundation’s Best Corporate Steward award recognizes businesses that serve as powerful forces for good around the world. Companies and chambers of commerce from around the globe compete for Citizens awards […]

P-TECH Intern Interviews IBM executive Nancy Pearson

Chigozie Okorie, P-TECH student and intern at the IBM Center for Applied Insights, is conducting a series of executive interviews exploring topics such as the skills necessary for business today and how to prepare students for a very dynamic future. Here are some of the key takeaways from his interview with Nancy Pearson, who leads […]

Stoking STEM Interest in Middle-School Learners

How do you get students’ involved in their own learning and thinking of the endless possibilities of a career in the STEM field? For the past four years, Peekskill Middle School has been selected as one of the four schools to have eight female students attend the IBM Girls Go TechKnow Camp. The goal of […]

Amanda Crawford: My Experience as an Intern at IBM

Among the essential differentiators of the IBM P-TECH program is the opportunity for young people to gain skills-based workplace experience in addition to their rigorous academic work in high school and college courses. This holistic approach to preparing our students for successful futures has already shown significant results. In June, P-TECH’s first graduates either joined […]

Celebrating Women Engineers and Entrepreneurs

March is an exciting month for women in technology. Last week, the United Nations held a plenary session on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Economy in commemoration of International Women’s Day. And this week is Global Marathon – a free, online event for women in engineering and technology worldwide that coincides with International Women’s […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Volunteer Service

Among the many positive things we focus on as part of celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is his call to all of us to serve. When we commit to service – regardless of the form it takes – we establish relationships that allow us to give of our time and talent […]