Developing Student-Centered STEM Lessons with IBM

The IBM Thai Teachers TryScience Project “I’ve realized that my science lessons must be student-centered, rather than teacher-centered,” said Mr. Watchara Dachoponchai, shortly after finishing a master teacher workshop held by Kenan Institute Asia in early November as part of the IBM Thai Teachers TryScience project. A science teacher at Matthayompuranawas School in Bangkok, Mr. […]

Making a Difference, Not Just a Living

If you know IBM, the scope and depth of the initiatives detailed in our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report will not surprise you. IBM undertakes actions at scale, and because corporate responsibility is fully integrated with our overall business strategy, our CSR programs are global in reach as they seek to enable fundamental transformations of societal […]

A Profile in Corporate Citizenship

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation has just bestowed its “Best Corporate Steward” award for large business – the Citizens Award – on IBM. The Chamber Foundation’s Best Corporate Steward award recognizes businesses that serve as powerful forces for good around the world. Companies and chambers of commerce from around the globe compete for Citizens awards […]

Volunteer Excellence Awards Honor IBM’s Culture of Service

Each year, IBM bestows the Volunteer Excellence Award – the company’s highest form of volunteer recognition (our CEO level recognition) – on those individuals or teams who best personify IBM’s Culture of Service. This award is highly competitive. Winners are selected from more than 265,000 IBM volunteers in 120 countries. The award underscores our commitment […]

IBM TryScience Ignites Camp Fire Interest

The U.S. needs more experts in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. Unfortunately, our pipeline for these skills seems to be running dry at just the moment when we need more STEM professionals than ever. And it’s not just industry that benefits from STEM. Studies show that STEM professionals earn more than their counterparts in […]

Teachers TryScience and CyArk Integrate Humanities with STEM Learning

Some people may think of our cultural and historical sites as permanent, but we in the preservation field remain very much aware of the delicacy of our cultural heritage. Natural disasters, human aggression and the passage of time all can jeopardize the cultural and historical sites that many of us take for granted. That’s why […]

IBM-Agastya Partnership Transforms Teacher Training in India

India’s explosive economic growth has led to a shortage of qualified teachers in STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics) subjects. Nearly 200 million Indian students lack access to quality STEM education. Government, industry and nonprofit stakeholders have rallied to help close the gap, but the challenge is too great for any single sector to overcome alone. […]

IBM Helps Incubate the Next Generation of Texas Engineers

A visitor to the small town on the outskirts of Midland might wonder what kids here do for fun. In this town comprised of 16 dusty blocks in the middle of the Texas high plains, “it’s a big deal if one of these kids gets to go to the gas station to buy a burrito,” […]

Learning from the Masters

I recently had the privilege of listening in on a group of professionals talking about their craft. They were National Board Certified Teachers – or NBCTs – from schools in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, sharing classroom strategies and instructional techniques on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The discussion was convened by […]

Reaching the 21st Century Learner with Teachers TryScience

Last fall, I had my second graders study three-dimensional shapes and examine 3-D wooden solid figures to determine how food boxes were constructed. Then – based on what they learned – I gave them the task of building a box to hold a fragile item. While the students could easily identify the various types of […]

IBM THINK App Helps Teach Critical Skills

“You didn’t teach us that!” If you work in a classroom, you’ve heard this refrain before. It’s what my biology students say when they do poorly on tests, and my colleagues who teach other subjects report similar interactions. When I point out to my students that the material they were tested on was right in […]

Exploring Public-Private Partnerships in STEM Education

We all know that schools can’t do all the hard work when it comes to educating our children, but what’s the best way for business to contribute? I had the opportunity to help answer that question at a recent STEM Salon hosted by Change the Equation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, CEO-led initiative that is mobilizing the […]

The Joy of Mentoring

When I registered to be an IBM mentor almost a year ago, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. More than 100 ninth-grade students were about to become the inaugural class of the Pathways in Technology Early College High School, or P-TECH, in Brooklyn, New York. IBM developed P-TECH in collaboration with the New York […]

Putting the “M” in “STEM”

I’m a former English major who happens to love math. I find elegance – and some solace – in an ever-complex world when I discover a cadence or logic in nature, such as the Fibonacci sequence in broccoli or the patterns of a snowflake. And as someone working to improve STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering […]

Design-Based Learning: A New Paradigm for STEM Education

Policymakers, educators and other stakeholders agree that all students – no matter where they live, what educational path they pursue, or in which field they choose to work – need to be science literate if they are to drive future innovation and to contribute to the rapidly changing global economy. To meet this charge, schools […]