Public-Private Partnership

P-TECH Intern Interviews IBM executive Nancy Pearson

Chigozie Okorie, P-TECH student and intern at the IBM Center for Applied Insights, is conducting a series of executive interviews exploring topics such as the skills necessary for business today and how to prepare students for a very dynamic future. Here are some of the key takeaways from his interview with Nancy Pearson, who leads […]

Building Capacity in the Nonprofit Sector

IBM’s 100+ year commitment to corporate citizenship runs broad and deep – encompassing dozens of programs and initiatives. While some of our programs, such as P-TECH, Corporate Service Corps and Smarter Cities Challenge involve our direct engagement to address significant societal challenges in education, public health and economic development, we have designed other programs to […]

Amanda Crawford: My Experience as an Intern at IBM

Among the essential differentiators of the IBM P-TECH program is the opportunity for young people to gain skills-based workplace experience in addition to their rigorous academic work in high school and college courses. This holistic approach to preparing our students for successful futures has already shown significant results. In June, P-TECH’s first graduates either joined […]

Corporate Citizenship and Purpose-Driven Transformation

IBM’s technology and talent have the power to help transform governments, institutions, communities and the quality of life for people around the world. We work to improve education, revitalize cities, address the challenges of economic growth, respond to disasters, and develop sustainable strategies for energy use and environmental protection. As part of a tradition that dates to the […]

The P-TECH Story

As Brooklyn P-TECH – IBM’s first P-TECH school – celebrates the graduation of six students with their high school diplomas and college degrees two years ahead of schedule, we reflect on what makes P-TECH so special, and look ahead to the model’s expansion across the U.S. and abroad. Stanley S. Litow is IBM’s Vice President […]

Excelsior Academy Proves P-TECH Can Work Across New York

Last week, I had the distinct privilege to visit Newburgh, a city situated on the Hudson River and just a short train ride north of The Big Apple. It was a chance to witness firsthand what everyone has been clamoring about: just what is happening inside a P-TECH classroom? Otherwise known as Pathways in Technology […]

Helping the Next Generation Beat the Odds

Twenty-three years ago this May, I graduated from Morehouse College as part of the largest class in the college’s history through 1992. Features in national media outlets told the stories of several young leaders from the Class of 1992, including why they had chosen Morehouse over such schools as Cornell and Stanford, the commitment to service […]

Challenging What’s Possible in Pro Bono Service

At the height of last year’s Ebola outbreak, the citizen engagement team at IBM Connections in Sierra Leone put their talents in technology to work, creating a way for citizens to report Ebola-related issues and concerns via text or voice calls. The people behind the project – which provided real-time insight to the government and […]

Providing Tools for Transformation in Atlanta

When most of us talk about “tools for transformation” these days, we’re usually referring to software as a service or specific types of business or operational strategies. At the Atlanta Community ToolBank, we certainly use digital and conceptual “tools” to help us serve our clients. But our client touch point is physical tools. We are […]

Excelsior Academy P-TECH Gains Global Notoriety

P-TECH, the IBM-led grades 9-14 schools model, is expanding rapidly because of its seamless integration of high school, college and career, and the concrete path to opportunity the model provides for students. There are 27 schools currently operating under the P-TECH model in the United States, and this week, Australia announced it will open two […]

Developing Philadelphia’s Next Generation of Creative Leadership

All organizations need skilled leadership. Nowhere is this truer than in the nonprofit sector – especially in the creative and arts economy. Managing a creative enterprise can be difficult in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and balancing the creative process with business needs is always an issue. But in the nonprofit world, creative organizations […]

IBM Impact Grant Reinforces Shared Values

As Superintendent of North Carolina’s Wake County Public School System, I lead a district where thousands of employees are committed to ensuring every student receives a quality education. But we do not work alone. It is an endeavor that also includes parents, students and community partners. It was in that spirit that our community began […]

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

As a teacher at Brooklyn’s Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), I’ve seen first hand how engaging young people unleashes their potential and enables them to transform themselves. Most of our students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and enter P-TECH (an open admissions school) with a variety of academic and social issues. But […]

Is “Free Community College” a Good Idea?

President Obama’s proposal to provide free community college across the U.S. is expected to cost upwards of $1.4 billion in 2016 and $60 billion over the next 10 years. Can America afford it? The real question is: How can we not? In my latest article for The Huffington Post, you’ll read about the latest data […]

CUNY Students Use IBM Watson to Help Solve Urban Challenges

With industries from health care to retail gearing up for transformation with IBM Watson cognitive computing, it only makes sense that the next generation of innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs be given the opportunity to work with this breakthrough technology. That’s why IBM and The City University of New York (CUNY) collaborated to sponsor the CUNY-IBM […]