Perkins Act

Making a Difference, Not Just a Living

If you know IBM, the scope and depth of the initiatives detailed in our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report will not surprise you. IBM undertakes actions at scale, and because corporate responsibility is fully integrated with our overall business strategy, our CSR programs are global in reach as they seek to enable fundamental transformations of societal […]

IBM P-TECH: Redefining Possibilities for a New Generation

Last June, we were proud to welcome our first six early P-TECH graduates to the ranks of educated men and women prepared for success in both the workplace and in higher education. Today, we are proud to announce that 32 more have joined their ranks – bringing to 38 the number of P-TECH scholars who […]

A Diploma, a Degree, and a Job Offer from IBM: One P-TECH Student’s Experience

I was born in Trinidad and began my life in America at the age of two. Like many families, my parents came to New York seeking the American Dream and a better future for me and my sisters. After our arrival, my family moved around a bit until we finally settled in a part of […]

STEM Education: Preparing Kids for Jobs Their Parents Don’t Understand

At this week’s Milken Institute Global Conference, I joined an exciting and important discussion about closing the disconnect between education and college and career readiness. Watch and share the video of this discussion to learn how public-private partnerships — not finger pointing or assessing blame — are essential to ensuring that today’s and tomorrow’s high […]

To Innovate, We Must Educate

Each wave of human innovation has required new skills. From the Industrial Revolution to the post-industrial digital age, economic growth and positive societal transformation have been driven by education and skills. Innovations have enabled entirely new industries, new ways of doing things and even new ways of conceptualizing our world. And as the pace of […]

P-TECH: How High Schoolers Are Redefining Their Future

See how the P-TECH 9-14 school model is transforming high school through the eyes of two students, ShuDon and Xzavyen. This video, created for Ted@IBM, demonstrates how this promising model is changing the life trajectories of some of our nation’s most underserved young people – putting them on the path to college and meaningful careers. […]


Metro Focus: Creating Pathways to STEM Careers NY Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia Supports NYS P-TECH IBM P-TECH in Brooklyn and Norwalk

The P-TECH Story

As Brooklyn P-TECH – IBM’s first P-TECH school – celebrates the graduation of six students with their high school diplomas and college degrees two years ahead of schedule, we reflect on what makes P-TECH so special, and look ahead to the model’s expansion across the U.S. and abroad. Stanley S. Litow is IBM’s Vice President […]

Helping the Next Generation Beat the Odds

Twenty-three years ago this May, I graduated from Morehouse College as part of the largest class in the college’s history through 1992. Features in national media outlets told the stories of several young leaders from the Class of 1992, including why they had chosen Morehouse over such schools as Cornell and Stanford, the commitment to service […]

Is “Free Community College” a Good Idea?

President Obama’s proposal to provide free community college across the U.S. is expected to cost upwards of $1.4 billion in 2016 and $60 billion over the next 10 years. Can America afford it? The real question is: How can we not? In my latest article for The Huffington Post, you’ll read about the latest data […]

It’s Time for Congress to Update the Perkins Act

Today, the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and IBM unveiled a letter signed by more than 200 businesses, associations, and community groups urging the Senate and House of Representatives to modernize the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act (Perkins Act). First enacted in 1984, the Perkins Act is a federal program that helps […]

Training America’s Youth for the Future

One of the most promising experiments in American education – Chicago’s Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy – is a new type public high school designed to achieve two of our country’s most urgent goals: help more young adults gain the skills they need to succeed in today’s globally competitive economy, and supply companies with the trained talent […]

Connecting Education to the Workforce

All across the nation there has been a surge of interest in career and technical education programs brought on by the pressing need to connect youth with meaningful career readiness opportunities. The recent TIME Magazine cover story on IBM’s P-TECH-model schools in Chicago and New York is the latest example of America’s growing interest in innovative […]

It’s Time to Reauthorize the Perkins Act

On Tuesday, November 19, I testified before the full U.S. House of Representatives Education and the Workforce Committee on the importance of improving the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. This is the major source of federal support in the U.S. for career and technical […]

Reclaiming the Promise of Career and Technical Education

The promise of American education has always been one of economic opportunity and democratic citizenship. We tell all students that if they work hard, achieve academically and complete their education, they will be able to find good jobs, lead productive lives and participate fully in our democracy, where the people are the ultimate rulers. For […]